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Fountain Cavallina twilight story

This is the Cavallina fountain in Genzano di Lucania, where a strange thing happened to me when I was young, in fact it is so strange that I even remember it today, and here is the story.  

This rabbit is very much like the white rabbit that we wanted to catch that strange night at this fountain.

The old Genzano has been built on a high strip of land between two chasms, as you can see from this photo, the fountain would be just outside the photo at the top. As you can see these chasms are very deep and dangerous specially at night, when this event happened, anyhow read the story to see what we mean.

Fountain Cavallina twilight story

Welcome to our hub (23) of, personal twilight zone stories, this is going to be just another one of my own life stories that I am telling our readers, which together with some other life stories that we are writing in hub page form my entire personal life story, of course to these stories we are adding our personal activities during my life like building and bricklaying.

Anyhow let us start with our twilight zone story.

Believe it or not, this is what has happened to me and some of my friends, one night at an ancient fountain of my native town of Genzano the Lucania, this might not be the best story to tell, but it is one of the true stories of my life, and I cannot change it, because if I do then I would not be telling the real story of my life.

So let me tell you this story that I call, Cavallina fountain twilight story;

As we all know, wherever you go in the world where there are ancient buildings or just places with a history of their own, and in Genzano di Lucania there are some old places too with a history of their own. With these old places old folks always seem to come up with ghostly stories of this place or that place being haunted, because some strange things seem to happen. So, my native town of Genzano has also these ghostly stories, because old people say that these things exist and have happened to some of them. So let us see if there are reasons to believe them, therefore, let me tell you a story that has happened to me and to some my friends and other things that seem strange enough to believe that these things really exist, here under is my story and what really happened that night and why.

Now we need to say that my mother grandma and other elders of the town of Genzano kept telling us not to go alone to this town fountain called Cavallina when it was dark, but as we all know young people sometimes do not believe their elders and want to find out if what they say is true, and so did I and some of my friends one night.

But before I tell you my twilight story at this fountain, let me tell you why I would like to do that, dear readers in our last few posts we have been talking about the town where I came from and its ancient fountain called Cavallina, now because I was talking about Genzano town and this fountain I have remembered a particular ghostly event and also a dream that I had about this fountain and also other creepy happenings and ghostly stories about this fountain; because I would like to tell you some stories that I personally was involved about this fountain, not only at the time when I was young but also later on in my life. So I hope you would like to hear them, I also can add some other personal view about ghostly personal events.


The fountain twilight zone

As we have said above, when I was young my mother, grandma and other elders of the town kept telling us not to go alone to this fountain Cavallina when it was dark, because some people had seen ghostly sights; but if you had to go there not to go alone and go as early as possible after dusk, so even when we were coming back from the fields from that side of town, and we had to go past this fountain we had to be careful as soon as it was dark, if you had to water your horse or donkey or whatever animals you had to water, we tried to what them during the day or early before dusk. We have to say that there were also some other unspeakable activities that went on near this fountain before dusk, but about these activities of dumping human excrement in the old sewer system we are going to tell you later on in another article, because now we are talking about ghostly things at this fountain at night.

To cut a long story short we are going to tell you what happened to me and some of my friends. As you all know young men in their later teen are not easily scared and they start thinking that these ghostly stories are not true at all, so, we wanted to see it ourselves, therefore I and a few friends of mine were going to pay a visit to this fountain Cavallina at night; so, one late evening we went to see this fountain Cavallina and from above as we approached the fountain there was nobody to be seen, so, we said to each other, you see there is nobody here and there are no ghosts around, we really thought that we were going to see something unusual at this fountain, so we were disappointed saying to each other there are no ghosts to be seen.

So we kept going to the fountain when we saw a white rabbit in a corner and soon we gave chase as we wanted to grab this rabbit, not just for fun, but because we wanted to eat the rabbit as meat was expensive those days. There were four of us giving chase to this white rabbit, but the rabbit kept escaping us, but we kept running after it and the rabbit was taking us very close to a ravine which had a drop of over ten meter and any one that would fall down there would instantly end up dead.

Anyhow suddenly one of us said; what rabbit that is not a rabbit? Suddenly we realised that we were not chasing a rabbit at all, but we were chasing a ghost or an evil spirit that was trying to take us over the ravine to kill us if we had followed it. It is said that ghost or evil spirits lose their full power when people realise that they are a supernatural apparition, so, in this case we were lucky when we realised that what we were chasing was not a rabbit at all, it was an evil spirit; well at least this is what we were made to believe then from the elders, when we told our story.

What we have written above was real life happening, but what I am going to tell you next is only a dream, but you can say that this dream that we are going to tell you belongs also to the twilight zone, just like my life story about chasing the white rabbit belongs to the twilight zone.


 The fountain twilight dream

What we have written above was real life happening, but what we are going to tell you next is only a dream, but we could say that this dream that we are going to tell you may belongs also to the twilight zone, just like the story above about chasing the white rabbit belongs to the twilight zone.

So, let me tell you my dream, because what I dreamed about is very strange; you see I was dreaming about an old person who wanted to teach me something at my native town fountain called Cavallina. I know that now you are saying that this is a stupid reason just to tell you a dream and dreams are only dreams and they cannot be classified as being real, but before you judge me and my dream just read what I have to say, because it could be interesting especially if you believe that dreams sometimes have some useful meanings, or they can come from the afterlife world.

To understand this dream better I need to explain that this old person might have been the spirit my great, great, great grandma who lived not far from this fountain, and who had used this fountain during all her life, perhaps she had lived through one of this contagious disease that require washing everything properly to avoid contamination and this is what she wanted to teach me.

When I dreamed this dream I was in Australia in my late forties, but in my dream I was only a boy about ten or eleven years old, (I suppose that this difference in age in the dream wanted to show me that the old lady was very ancient spirit compared to me), so, this very old lady was standing beside me at this fountain Cavallina, strange as it may seem I had taken some dishes and other eating utensil from the old house where my grandma lived to wash at the fountain; the old lady was telling me to wash everything under the first spout of the fountain and keep everything in the first bay near this first spout, so that they would not be contaminated, and so I did; but as you know dreams sometime are very strange and suddenly I found that some of my dishes were in the second bay of the fountain, so I started to worry about it, but the old lady said to me not to worry about it, I was protesting to her saying that you said that the other bays are contaminated, and she said don’t worry just for this time and you will soon know why, when you wake up.

Then I woke up and realised that it was only a dream, so I understood why the old lady had said do not worry about the dishes in the second bay of the fountain, it was because it was only a dream and the dishes even though had been contaminated in my dream, I was not going to use them anyhow, just because they were only in my dreams, and they were thousands of miles away, in another era and in another place. I believe that the old lady was one of my forbear who popped up in my dreams to teach me a lesson about food contamination or something like that, and she did.

Well, today you might say that we all know that to avoid contamination you have to keep everything clean and that is true; we can also use some disinfectant that would kill all germs, so there is not much to learn from this dream. But you see, the old lady did this in a dream using the level of general knowledge when she was alive, which most likely was a lot lower than today standard. Anyhow that is what I dreamed and I think it is pretty cool, if we believe in these sorts of things. And now let us see what else I could tell you about my personal twilight stories.


Strange things happen

We have already told you a couple of our twilight stories, I suppose that during our life we have seen and heard many things that now we could tell it is our life experiences. So I would like to write another story or two here, as you may know some other life stories we have already written in hub pages, therefore here under we are posting some links, so that you could read them if you like, but at the same time let me tell you another story straight away that is very similar to the stories above and could be said to be another twilight story.

In order to understand this story it is necessary that first I describe the place where it has happened and the reasons why it has happened there and then tell you what happened.

This near twilight story happened to me when I was a teenager I think that I could have been 17 years old in our family farm. Our family farm buildings consisted of two large rustic rooms plus other small buildings beside them, one of these buildings was used to store all the farm carts and machinery and the other was our main building that we used for the farm animals and ourselves. Now before I continue I need to say that our farm was wall to wall with other farmers next door, so I was not completely alone in the middle of nowhere. The reason I have said that is to explain that while I was left alone in charge of all the animals in our building at night so young, it was possible because our farm was besides this other farm building where other people were also sleeping at night, so it was safe enough from robbers and other things, as we could always call on each other, if help was really needed. 

The main and larger building consisted of a rustic building about 12 meters long and 8 meters wide or there about; two third of this building was used for the large farm animals, like horses, mules, donkeys and cows who were tied to a manger at night, the other third of this building was used for ourselves, here we stored some oats and other valuable produce that we would use day to day to feed the animals and the rest of this space was for us humans, where we could cook our meals and sleep at night while we were attending the farm animals. Now before I move to tell you that part of story that we could call the twilight story, I need to say that in this building there was also two pair of domestic pigeons that nested there and they would fly around the building during the day, at night they would stay in their nest or perched on some place in the building.

Now that we have explained that let us tell you what happen one night, this was the night when my grandpa died and this farm house was his farm house and it had been their family farm for generations, so the old man was very attached to his farm; anyhow I was alone and sleeping in the farm the nigh he died and while I was sleeping I could somehow feel that something was flying around the farm house, whatever it was it going and stoping for a few seconds here and there as if it wanted to inspect the place, once it had done that it flew out of the small open window at the back of the farm building, and that was that.

Next day the news came that my grandpa had passed away that night, and that I had to go to town to attend his funeral. One may say that this is a strange story and perhaps I was only dreaming that night about this thing that went around all the farm building, but one should also consider that if souls really exist then my grandpa soul came to say goodbye to his earthly possessions and to me his grandchild.

That is all for the time being, but I know that I can add here another twilight story, but this story is going to be very difficult to tell, so has got to be another time, when I review these hubs.


Since we have been talking in our last two hubs about the town of Genzano di Lucania, which is indeed the town that I have come from originally, when I came to Australia. I have been thinking that perhaps it would be the right thing to do; if in our next hub we will be talking more about, the town which I have come from, before we start talking about my emigrating and my life in Australia. See you there.


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