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Where are we heading now

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Where are we heading now
The Sun is our friend, because it sends its energy to earth for every living thing to live and enjoy their lives. But sometimes it is just too hot for us, like it is happening just now in this article, we have written here under.

Because of the extreme hot weather, that in some places has reached 47 degrees, there are lots of fire burning, so far, because people were aware of the danger, there is no loss of life, however, some properties and a small town have burned down.

They say there is some damage in the structure of the Dam spillway, and other problems with the overflow, the Dam could collapse. So an evacuation downstream has been ordered, for about 200,000 people.

Where are, we heading?
Today, when we look at what is happening around us, we see that there are so many problems in the world, that we cannot help asking ourselves whether we are going to be able to cope with them. This may sound alarming to some of you, and wish that I did not say anything about them, because they sound bad news and bad news bring anxiety and discomfort. But to be on the safer side, I believe that it is better to know what is happening around us, than to ignore it, because, then we can do whatever is possible to do to minimize any danger, which these problems may bring with them. You see, most times if we ignore them, then we might be sorry later, if one day we suffer the consequence. So, it would be wiser to know, where we are heading, and what we can do to save ourselves the troubles that might be coming our way.    
So, you may ask, what has prompt me to start this alarming article now. I am going to tell you that I was already thinking about some of these issues, because they are all issues that we are exposed every day of our lives. Anyhow, today while I was watching the news, they started to tell us about this fire warning in NSW Australia. What is worrying me most is the fact, that the fire authorities already admit that tomorrow the fire danger will be catastrophic, which is the highest warning, that can be issued. They are warning the people of these regions to leave, while they can, like tonight or early in the morning, because they cannot guaranty their safety. The hot temperature of tomorrow that will be over 40 degrees in these zones of NSW will make it very hard for the fire fighter to control the fires, so they are warning the people about these dangers, at the same time their warnings seem endless, since they pop back again and again to issue these warnings, which means that they want the people to understand this danger, that they would be facing tomorrow.
So, tomorrow would be the most dangerous day on record for NSW for fires, because of the extreme heat and the state of the drying vegetation that can burn easily, we can only hope and pray God that there is no loss of life, in these dangerous circumstances. So, we hope that those people affected make the right choice.  I should say here that I would be terrified if I had to choose what to do, if I was living in these regions of NSW that are going to be affected so badly, by the heat and fires. Anyhow, I don’t live in those regions of NSW, because I live in Brisbane, but even here it is going to be a scorcher, as the weather forecast says that it is going to be 39 degrees, and that is hot enough for anybody. So, people are worried and on edge, my wife is complaining to me already, because she hates hot weather. 
What is worrying me also, it is the fact that these extreme heat waves that are lasting a long time these days, may be due to global warming, which most authorities agree that we are causing them, because we are using too much fossil fuel. Just to show you how the Weather Bureau has reported this heat wave that is coming in the other day, let me quote and paste the following: 
 (Pity the poor souls who live in Bourke, Birdsville and Moomba.
These rural towns are all about to endure four days above 40 degrees. Birdsville and Moomba will suffer through three days above 45.
This summer's most extensive, and brutal, heatwave is building over central and eastern Australia.
Inland parts of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and northern Victoria are set to swelter through at least four days of extreme heat, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.
Meteorologist Andrea Pearce said "pools" of hot air had been hovering over the centre of Australia, leading to the build-up of heat.)
end of quote.

Anyhow, here above we have talked about the extreme heat temperature, which is affecting part of Australia right now, and the fire dangers that they are causing. But I believe that this is not all, because today the weather seems to be different from what it is supposed to be like, so, after we finish reporting about the heat wave and the fire, we are going to talk about the excessive cold weather, the rain floods and other things, because we believe that they come from the same cause, which is causing changes in the weather temperature.
 Extreme heat and freezing temperature
Dear readers, at the beginning of this article, we have talked about the extreme hot weather temperature that has increased the fire danger, and now there are several fires burning in NSW Australia, but there is more to say about these extreme weather changes. So, here under we are going to talk about the opposite, we are going to talk about the cold weather.
You see, it seems to me that everywhere we go we find this problem about the extreme weather temperature these days, it may be the extreme heat, it may be the extreme cold, it may be the excessive rainfall and flooding, it may be the snowing for days and the extreme cold, these things are affecting most of us in many ways. Sometimes unfortunately this may involve also loss of life. Here I am sorry to say that, one of these sorry events has happened last month in central Italy, when this avalanche destroyed this Hotel Rigopiano, and killed 29 people, we have written about this in our hub, The Italian homeless, where we were also talking about the homeless that were affected from the extreme cold weather temperatures, and the earthquake.  
Anyhow, since we are talking about the extreme weather here, I would like to point out that, also in Italy they have classed these huge amounts of snow and cold weather as very extreme and rare. They were so extreme that the authorities have not been able to cope properly with it, even though over there they are ready to handle the snow and cold weather, but this time it was just too much of it. And it was made worse because of the earthquakes, that have devastated this region. 
Of course, over there is also the earthquake victims that need looking after, and many other things that the earthquake has destroyed, this includes also roads that cannot be used in a normal way, especially if you cannot see the surface properly under the snow, as there could be large cracks in the road surface, or rocks that have fallen and block the road, so, those people that are living over there are in all sorts of troubles, and the weather is making it worse. These unfortunate people that have lost their houses in the earthquake, now they are living in makeshift accommodations, so, they must be feeling very bad, since they are like emigrant in their own native land. The authorities are doing what they can, but it looks like that it will take a long time before things are back to normal for them. So, every day of their lives, they must be thinking and asking themselves, where are we heading now. Some of them may even ask themselves, why all these things are happening? Whose fault, is it? And if anything could be done? Some people may have some strange views, that might be worth mentioning here before we finish.
Dangerous situation in USA.
In this article, we have talked about the heat wave in Australia, the cold weather in central Italy, now we are going to talk about the excessive rainfall in Northern California that are endangering Oroville Dam. Hereunder I am pasting some of the report, as reported in the Google News, and I quote;      
(Oroville Dam Could Fail, Experts Fear; 200,000 Ordered to Evacuate 2:20
Mandatory evacuations remained in effect Monday afternoon for nearly 190,000 people in Northern California after a spillway serving the country's tallest dam developed a hole that threatened to release uncontrolled floodwaters, officials said.
The emergency spillway off the Oroville Dam was the second to fail in a matter of days, after the dam's primary spillway developed a 200-foot-long, 30-foot-deep hole last week.
Officials and contractors were working feverishly to get as much water out of Lake Oroville as possible by Thursday, when another round of storms is expected to sweep across the area.)
End of quote.
We hope and pray that they can save the dam, and there is no loss of life.
Anyhow, I cannot help thinking that the situation in Northern California, is very much alike the situation that we had in Brisbane Australia a few years ago, which I have written in this hub about it, Playing the game, who is to blame, where after what happened, as usual people will try blaming somebody that happened to be in charge. It is hard for everybody involved, when we try to blame somebody, because that somebody could not have known, what Mother Nature had in store for us. So, let us stop there, and instead of looking at who is to blame, let us look at some of the reasons, why these extreme weather events happen.

Some people believe that what has happened, in the three events that we have written above, the hot weather, the cold weather and the excessive rain, they are all caused from global warning, which we are very likely causing it, because we are using too much fossil fuel. Well if that is the only cause, we need to do something about it as soon as possible. 

But not everybody is convinced that this is the only cause. Because some religious people like to think that this is the beginning of the end of time, as written in the Bible Revelation, and many other religious theories. Some other people that are partly religious like my wife, they reckon that God is tired to see so much violence, like the terrorist blowing things up and killing people, and the Islamic State slathering innocent people, and these unwanted emigrations that is like invading another country without going to war.

So, God being tired of what people are doing, sets things rolling in a way that will destroy some of us, if not all on us. So, are we heading for self-destruction?

I believe that I have said enough in this article, so see you in our next article, where we are going to talk about the refugees and unwanted emigration.

See you soon.
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Where are we heading now
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