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How to defend our homes from these pests

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How to defend our homes from these pests
Timber house on wooden stumps, this picture shows you the ants-capping on the stump, which would prevent the ants and most crawling pests to enter you house, it is also the barrier that stops the white ants to enter the house from inside the stump itself, since the white ants cannot eat away the steel ant capping. 

How to defend our homes from these pests

The white ant problem
How to defend our homes from these pests
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, these wooden houses need some care, where we were telling you my life story and about these wooden houses that we found in Australia. We were saying that there are pests that destroys the houses, and we were asking ourselves what could be done. There are a few things that we can do to prevent these pests destroy our homes; the first thing that one has to do is to check that there is a barrier that stops the white ants to enter your building, for instance if your house is a high-set house on stumps, check that at the top of the stumps there is a metallic ant-capping; this metallic ant capping is usually a large galvanized round dish or square of metal and it is bent down at the edges so that any crawling insect will find it difficult to enter your house that way; we hope you can see the picture? The ant capping prevents also the white ants to enter through the timber stump itself, if the stump has been infested with white ants, because when they reach the top of the stump they cannot eat through the metal capping and so they are stopped entering that way, of course there are a lot of different buildings and a lot of different ways to set a barrier; but sometimes the white ants find their way around.
Now there are ways that one should be looking for if there are white ants; here the first thing that we have to keep in mind is that white ants eat everything from inside and they don’t like to be exposed outside for long, so, the first thing one can do is to tap on anything that is made of wood; if the wood sounds hollow then the white ants might have eaten the inside, so, a complete check is needed to see what is the cause; another way to look for white ants signs is that if they are forced to go outside to move from one place to another, they will construct a tunnel, so that they can go up and down without being seen, so, one has to look for these signs anywhere under the building: Now some expert has told me that what happens here is that the white ants need moisture, so, they have to travel to the ground to get the moisture and then they go up again their tunnel to eat the timber; now if the building is solid and there is no other way for the ants to go up they will construct their tunnel from the ground up, so, we should be looking for signs to see if there are ants tunnel constructed, and if there are tunnels, it means that there are white ants also, therefore you need a pest control expert to poison these pests, and you need him fast.
Some natural enemies of the white ants
White ants have very few enemies because they live and hide inside the timber, but there are some natural enemies of course in their natural habitat, a couple of which are pictured here. As I said before, one needs to learn the signs how to spot the white ants presence, and do something if you find that they are there, otherwise they could eat your house away pretty quickly.
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Good luck to all houses owner!
Dear readers, our intention here is that we are going to write several hubs and talk about houses, how to own them, how to maintain them and how to build them, because that is what I have done during my life; so, even though in our next hub will be talking about: is Australia the land of opportunities, we will be talking about the opportunities that I had in the house building industry, when I came to Australia.
So, see you soon in our next hub.
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How to defend our homes from white ants
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