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These houses need some care

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and this post, these wooden houses need some care
These wooden houses need some care
This is a typical worker cottage, which is a smaller and a cheaper version of the Queenslander, but they both need some care, they need to be painted outside to keep the timber from rotting.


These wooden houses need some care

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, the Queenslander house, which is a large wooden house, built for the deeds that we have here in Queensland. Now let me explain their maintenance needs. You see, just as most of us thought, when we saw the first time these wooden houses, they need some maintenance and care.
For those people that have not own or lived in timber houses before, they should ask questions about them, before they get involved in owning one of these houses; perhaps the first question that would come to their mind is: are these houses safe to live in, and how long these houses can last? And then, what sort of maintenance they require? You see, they have a right to know that, so, let me try to explain this timber housing situation.
Timber houses need more maintenance that masonry houses; because first of all, you need to paint them for the timber to last longer, otherwise the timber on the outside walls will slowly rot away, but then, there are also some advantages because, you see if you want to change something, it can be done easily and cheaper than if you have a masonry house, therefore, it is a lot cheaper also to do some alterations, so, it can work well after all.
Having said that we need also to say, that these wooden houses have some problems of their own, apart that they need to be painted for the external timber to last longer, they also have some vermin problems, which are the enemies everywhere in the houses, because the timber is more vermin friendly than masonry and bricks and cement, but the normal vermin are not a big problem for the house structure itself.
The greatest enemy of these wooden houses are the termites, or white ants, as some of us calls them; The white ants, can really destroy entire buildings by eating the wood from the inside, a lot of times, people don’t even know, that the white ants are there eating their houses away, while they are living in them; you see, unless you know what you are looking for, it is hard to see any sign of them from the outside. So, one day suddenly, one can find out by toughing or putting some pressure on a spot, where the white ants have eaten the wood from inside, and here one can have a great shock to see this happen, as everything starts collapsing inward and where there was a wall now there is a big hole.
Therefore, it would be worthwhile to learn how to recognize the signs, if there are white ants; and call an expert to check the building if you are going to buy it.
I think I have said enough in this post, so, see you with our next post, how to defend our homes from white ants.
See you soon.  
Genzano it story
These wooden houses need some care
Next time with, how to defend our homes from white ants.

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