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What is happening in Italy now

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Paolo Gentiloni is the new Italian prime minister, we are sure that he has got to work hard to solve the problems that exist in Italy today. The Italian politics is always complicated, today is even harder than usual, there are many things to fix.

What is happening in Italy now?
Dear readers, I am writing this article about what is happening in Italy now, because even though I am far away from Italy, I would like to say how we Italians see all these political things that are happening over there. Perhaps I could have ignored them, since personally they could not affect me very much, but I want to write something about that because we are following what is happening there, so, I have formed my own point of view and we would like our readers to know that. So, I am going to write this last article about how I see what is happening there, then we will have a break about these Italian politics that never seem to end, because, as soon as they fix something, something else seems to go wrong.
Anyhow, as we have already said in our last article, this election about the Italian constitution has taken place and the result has been negative, therefore, there will not be any change to the constitution. But what other change this election may trigger.  Some of us would be concerned about what could happen next.
Perhaps, now they have to form a new government, since the prime minister is going to resign, therefore, there could be many other changes as well. Now if that is going to be the case, with a new government in charge, one may ask; what about all those promises that this present government has given to the Italian refugees, that now are homeless, because of the earthquake, we wonder if those promises are still going to be kept?
Anyhow, today while I am writing this article, we know that the Italian premier ‘Mateo Renzi’ has resigned and after a few days later a new premier has been elected. So, now it is the turn of this new premier, ‘Paolo Gentiloni’. This new PM seems a calmer person compared to Mateo Renzi, now because the Italian politics today are a bit ruff, we wonder if his calm personality is going to help him, or disadvantage him. I suppose only time will tell, because these are very difficult times that we have in Italy these days.
What is happening now
Now that Paolo Gentiloni has become PM, it seems that Italy has solved the first obstacle by electing a new premier, but there are lots of problems over there, because of the overseas refugees, the earthquake refugees and finally the terrorist. You see, the terrorist that carried out the Berlin attack has ended up in Italy, now even though he has been killed by the Italian police, while he was trying to kill two policemen with his gun, this matter might not end there. Anyhow he got killed and that is the end of him. But there is a question to be asked, why he has gone to Italy after he killed 12 people and wounded many others in Berlin?
One cannot help to think that he might have some friends in Italy that could have helped him by hiding him somewhere. There is also the possibility that his friends may try to carry out some violent acts against the Italians. You see, these people don’t have any respect for humanity, they only think about themselves and how to punish others.  If we want to look for a real reason why they carry out these violent acts, we see only a mixed way of many things that don’t make sense to us of the western world. You see, we of the western world help them when they are down, we take them in our own country and feed them, we go to help them and pull them out of the sea before they down on humanitarian grounds, and what we get from them for our help completely nothing. But that is not all, because after all the benefit that they have received from us, they turn around and kill us.
Here I would like to make my own personal comparison of what I think they are like. To me they seem to live in the past, they behave like mediaeval people as far as I can see, because what is happening now in the Middle East that would be the only thing that would make sense to me. This also makes me think that they behave like the people of a thousand years ago, when they would arm themselves and try to conquest anything in their ways. They don’t want to see that we are living in the third millennium of this present era that started with the coming of our lord Jesus Christ, because it is not convenient to them. Anyhow, we better stop talking about them, because it very likely would not help much.
Let us look at what could be done
Now let us look at the problems that they have in Italy after the new PM has been elected. In our opinion it is very likely that everything remains the same as it was before and the priority remain the same, in the hope that these existing problems may be solved as soon as possible. You see the government over there needs to give better temporary shelter to the earthquake victims, because it is very hard to live is substandard accommodation when it is very cold, and in winter times it can be very cold over there, after the temporary accommodations and other things they need to restart rebuilding all the houses and other building that have been damaged and this may take even years to fix everything, but let us hope that they can do it in a reasonable time.
Then they have the overseas refugees that they should provide also, not only feed them but also give them some accommodations, now, this may arise a conflict of interest, because there are a lot of Italians that don’t have a house, so, how can the Italian government give some houses to the overseas refugees, when there are Italians that don’t have one?
All this becomes more complicated when we think of the terrorist attacks. You see how a government could help these refugees, when they turn around and kill you? It would be completely out of place to help those ungrateful refugees, even if some of them might deserve help, I don’t see how it is going to happen.
Now that we have gone over the main problems that the Italian government needs to address, let us hope that prime minister Paolo Gentiloni would be able to guide them in such a way that most of these problems would be solved.
Anyhow, I believe that we have talked enough about the Italian problems, just because I am an Italian and still worry about my native country, even though it does not affect me personally today. So, I am going to put an end to this talks, because there are other important things that affect me in Australia and I am going to talk about that in our next article. Which will be about the pension cut to some pensioners.
See you soon.  

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What is happening in Italy now
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