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First positive impressions

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First positive impressions

Map of the port of Fremantle and some of the town, the first port that we stopped when we came to Australia, it gave me a good impression. I new then that I had made the right choice.

First positive impressions

Dear readers, lately we have written a few posts about today Italian situation, the earthquake, the refugees, their politics and a few other things, that we were somehow concerned. Having done that, now we would like to go back to tell you our life story, so here-under are written my first impression when I came to Australia.
The first positive impressions when I came to Australia
The first impression that I had of Australia was positive, as I could see from what we saw near Port Fremantle. I have to say that it was not much what I saw, but it was enough to make a good impression on me. Strange as it may seem the very first time that I set foot in Australia I saw an emu, I don’t why or how but somebody took us to this place where there was this emu and another animal that I don’t recall what it was. Anyhow because we stopped in Fremantle for a while I was able to go down twice, and the second time guess what I saw, I saw that here in Australia they build single houses on a block of land, and they grow a nice green lawn around the houses by watering the lawn with the town water, in fact these little houses look so pretty that they seem like dolls houses. No bad for a country that is supposed to be the driest continent on earth, and it was also great as my first impression. And also seeing that they water the lawns with town water my fear of water restriction disappeared.
But anyhow Fremantle was only the first port in Australia, but I had to disembark in Brisbane, so there were a couple more ports to go past and another week on this ship before the end of my first journey. Anyhow we left Port Fremantle to cross the Great Australian Bight, which took us a few days to navigate, during this crossing I could not help thinking, how vast is this country of Australia was compared to the European countries since it takes days to navigate from one port to the next? I suppose these thoughts came also because I was starting to be tried of this long journey as it was taking too long, and we the passengers all longed to reach our final destination; anyhow next stop would be Melbourne, in port Melbourne there wasn’t much to see or say as I had already seen Port Fremantle and Melbourne was very much the same, the only thing was that by now most of the people that I had become friendly on the journey were disembarking in Melbourne. Anyhow we left Melbourne and next stop would be Sydney, where I was going to meet some people that I was bringing some presents from their families, so, I knew already that Sydney was a very important city of Australia and therefore I was eager to see what it was like.
I am going to make this post short, since we are changing from todays’ happenings to my old life story, I believe it is better this way, so that the people can follow us better.
So, see you in our next post, next stop Sydney
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