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Other people concerns

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The Italian republic has two houses, their role is that they both have to approve new laws. Most time what they are doing seems endless, because they don't agree on some grounds. So, whatever they have to approve move back and forward. 
Other people concerns
In our last post, we have talked about some of the concerns that the Italian people are facing these days. It seems to me that there are several things that need to be done, but who is going to do it we don’t know yet. We had these promises from the Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi that the Italian government would do anything possible to fix the houses that the earthquake has destroyed, as soon as possible. Well that was when the earthquake struck, but as we all know the world of politics is never still, because things can change very rapidly.    So, who is going to say that the victims will receive what he has promised, now that he has resigned.  
Anyhow we are following what is happening over there and we think it is worth mentioning, so that our readers could be informed. Therefore, today we are going to write about the Italian elections that have been held the last Sunday. The election was about some changes to the Italian constitution. Anyhow, this election about the Italian constitution has taken place and the result have been negative, therefore, there will not be any changes to the constitution. But what other changes this election might trigger, we don’t know yet. Therefore, some of us would be concerned about what could happen next.
Because the world of politics is hard to predict, one could only speculate what is going to happen. The most likely outcome would be that after the prime minister Matteo Renzi has resigned, and therefore they should form a new government with a new prime minister, or could be even worse, we really don’t know, since there can be other changes as well. Now if that is going to be the case and a new government is formed; with a new government in charge one may ask; what about all those promises that this present government has given to the Italian refugees that now are homeless, because of the earthquake. Are those promises still going to be kept?
What could happen next
Anyhow there is a big question mark, about what is going to happen next.
Today while I am writing this article in Italy they are trying to find who is going to try to be prime minister next, there are several names that come up, but there is also this malcontent of most politicians, who believe that a new election should be kept as soon as possible, so that a government elected by the people could be sworn in.
Whatever they do it is going to take time, because in Italy politics are very complex, since there are too many parties to choose from, so, it is not easy to have a majority government from any election. Now, while all this politics stuff is happening with no end in sight, one starts to wonder what is going to happen to those people that need directions from the government, because there will be always new problems that come up. I believe that they are having a hard time over there, but they should form a new government, so, we hope that they can do that quickly enough.
Now, let us leave behind the political scene and think about the existing problems that the people of Italy are facing today, which again take us back to the earthquake refugees and the overseas refugees, because they seem to be the most urgent things that need the attention of the authorities. Okay we can say that the onsite authorities know already what they should do, because they have been instructed from the previous government, so they can carry on doing what they know, but it may soon come a time that they need new directions. Now, if there is no new government formed soon, who is going to say what needs to be done, one may ask? So, there are many things that the Italian people should be concerned about today. But let us look back at the refugees’ situation.
Today refugees’ situation
Since the election of the Italian referendum that have been negative, in the news the refugees’ problems are not reported much, they don’t seem very important today, so, they have moved in second place, as far as news are concerned. But really those people that need a roof over their heads, they still need a roof over their heads, those overseas refugees that come by boats and end up in the Mediterranean Sea and need to be rescued continue to arrive uninvited, so, there is really a need for a good government to give the right directions, but there is no real government as we can see, so, how are they going to solve this problem?
We believe that we all should be concerned about all these things that are happening today, but at the same time we should not despair, because the world has always been a bit like this, it goes up and down and there are always problems to be solved. Sometimes these problems are solved fast and sometimes we need to wait a bit longer. But I believe that we all should have our say, sometimes one of us can express a different idea that might turn to be helpful.
I believe that we have said a few things in this article and there is a lot more that could be said, but what is at the top of my mind are the refugees that need help. Now the earthquake refugees need a roof over their head now, because it is cold over there in winter and then they need their houses rebuilt, as promised from the Italian government, when the earthquake struck; I believe that this has partly been achieved the rest remain to be seen.
The overseas refugees also need to be looked after, even though they are not Italian, all this is done on humanitarian grounds, but one starts to wonder, whether some of these refugees are really people that need to leave their native countries to live their lives. Or if there could be a way to keep them in their own country of origin. I believe that this is what the world should be looking at, since they create problems to the countries that accept them, in the future they may even create more unseen problems, because of the massive concentration of people, that will be living on a small part of the world, this should be one of our concerns. Just let us think about that?
I would like to keep these articles short, So, I think that I have said enough already, see you soon, when I think of something else to talk about, perhaps about what could be done to slow down the refugees from Africa, that don’t seem real refugees, as they are all well fed and dressed, you see, real refugees are people that have been starving for a long time, they are skinny and badly dressed, because they are poor. So, I will try to talk about this in our next article. Hoping that I could be able to suggest something that could help.   
Let us explain how Italy is run
Dear readers, because to explain how Italy is run is very complex, I am going to paste here how it is explained by the expert, so that people that don’t know can easily learn about it.
 Politics of Italy is conducted through a constitutional republic with a multi-party systemItaly has been a democratic republic since 2 June 1946, when the monarchy was abolished by popular referendum and a constituent assembly was elected to draft a constitution, which was promulgated on 1 January 1948.
The executive power is exercised collectively by the Council of Ministers, which is led by the Prime Minister, officially referred to as President of the Council ("Presidente del Consiglio"). Legislative power is vested in the two houses of parliament primarily, and secondarily on the Council of Ministers, which can introduce bills and holds the majority in the parliament. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislative branches. It is headed by the High Council of the Judiciary. The president is the head of state, though his position is separate from all branches. The current President is Sergio Mattarella and the current Prime Minister of Italy is Matteo Renzi.
Now that I have pasted one of the Wikipedia explanation, I hope that hub pages will not find it as duplicate content. Anyhow I am going to try what happens, I can always delete it if necessary.
See you soon.
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Other people concerns
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