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The emigrant problem

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The emigrant problem
This photo here, is one of the many photos that come from the internet. This photo happens to be taken in Italy, but there are other European countries that have the same problem, in fact, it could be said that it is a worldwide problem. So, the entire world needs to find a way how to solve it.

The emigrant problem
As we have said in our last post, Italy modern history. Today Italy and most of the Italian people are trying hard to cope with the illegal emigrants, that come in from Africa and the Middle East, and that might become a problem in the future, so in this post, let us see what these problems could be.
People that emigrate are usually poor people that happen to live in a poor country (nation), the reason that their native towns and their countries are poor have many reasons, but above all the poverty is lack of good management of the resources that they might have, but that is not the only reason; because sometimes this poverty may also be due to changes that are unavoidable; if that is the case, then those people that emigrate have the right to emigrate.
Now, in general terms we believe that, if a region of the world has been able to provide for a good living to a certain number of people for a very long time, then the same region should be able to provide that same amount of people indefinitely, if that region has a good government and management and the people that live there try to do their best and use their resources wisely. But that is not always the case, because people become careless and for that reason poor. 
Therefore, our views are that those people that become illegal emigrant are not the best people that are able to plan ahead for themselves, in such a way that they could support themselves, so they slowly find themselves that they are becoming poor. Because they are becoming poor they start looking around and see that some of the other people, that are living in other countries are better off than they are and they wish to be like them.
Here I would like to point out that, they do not ask themselves why the other people have been able to have a better standard of living than themselves, they only see that they have it, and would like to have that higher standard of living for themselves. In fact, that is the only thing that they see, they don’t even ask themselves why that has happened. So, they believe that the world owes them that same standard of living, just because they are living in this world. So, when people emigrate in great number most of them emigrate, because where they are living, it has become so poor and they are not able to look after themselves properly.
Now, we believe that the main problem that these emigrants have is going to stay with them with the rest of their lives. We have to admit here that some of them are going to be able to look after themselves, and become good citizen of the country that they have emigrated to, if they are offered a good chance. But when they emigrate in bulk like they do these days, wherever they go they are going to bring their own problem with them, so the countries that are forced to accept them should be very careful that they do not end up like the emigrant themselves, and therefore one day their own people are going to become poor and emigrate, because they have become poor just like the emigrant that they were supposed to help; I hope that I have explained myself clear enough.
Now let us try to understand, what their problem might have been in the country of origin, and some of the reasons why they have fallen behind the rest of the world; because if we could understand that, then we would be able to avoid the same mistake.
What could be the reasons?
First of all, when we look at the illegal emigrant in Italy we see that today most of them are African emigrants, this makes us think that perhaps it is the changes of temperature that has impoverished these countries to the point that people have to go to live somewhere else. Therefore, first of all, it has been humanity themselves that have brought about this problem, so, if that is the case than we have to be reasonable and we have to help those people that emigrate the best way we can, after all it was us the rest of the world that has caused this global warming. This would be one of the reasons, but is it possible that there are several reasons why these people emigrate, so, let us imagine what else could it be.
The second in line is the political scene; people belong to one party or another, they struggle for power, the struggle becomes so great that they end up in violence and wars, so there are refugees that run away from their own country, who is to blame here would be hard to say because both sides blame each other; but the rest of the world end up that has to help those refugees on humanitarian grounds.
Why these wars are started is really unbelievable; they all seem to have a chain reaction and from a small argument they become enlarged, until they become real wars on a large scale that may last for years to come; as we know these days there is this war still going on in Iraq, and worse still most of the Middle East have wars going on, the outcome of these wars is that people are displaced and become refugees.
The wars’ refugees emigrate to other countries the best way they can. The countries that receive these refugees have to accept them on humanitarian ground, it would be cruel if they don’t. So, the rest of the world are willing to help these refugees, and they do it willingly. But, this willingness to help them may result one day in serious problems, as we have already seen from the many violent acts that these people are capable to inflict.
We will talk about this in our next post, because this post is becoming too long.

See you soon. 
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The emigrant problem
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