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Italian concerns continued

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The central Italy earthquakes are continuing. One can only hope that they stop soon to give the people of that regions some hope that things could become to normal one day.

Italian concerns continued
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, we Italians should be concerned, since this is about the same issue, let us continue to talk about what is happening in Italy these days. In our last article ‘We Italians should be concerned’, we were talking about two main issues, one was about the earthquake that has rocked central Italy for the last few months and still goes on every now and then, the other was about the refugees or illegal emigrants, which has gone on for several years: from our point of view both issues are related, because they put a strain on the Italian economy, they also involve all the Italian authorities and they are making a great effort to solve these problems. So, let us talk about how they are doing, and if they are getting there and solving their problems.
When the first earthquake struck, the Italians were quick to respond and helped the people affected from the earthquake, they seemed well organized to do this sort of things, so much so that most Italians including myself could feel proud to be Italians. So, we were all believing that the Italian authorities were doing well and had everything under control, because they were quick to help the earthquake people, at least it seemed so at that time. But when earthquake of these magnitude happens, and they continue to happen things are not that easy to fix, so people affected might start losing hope.
So, today we are asking ourselves, whether the initial interest in helping the earthquake victims is losing interest, because they seem to have slowed down a bit. They should know that during this time of the year, they cannot afford to do that, because winter is coming and winters are very cold over there, especially on the mountains the temperature falls below zero most nights and to sleep in a tent is terrible to say the least. So, they should try to fix some better temporary accommodation as fast as they can. Anyhow, at least this is how most people feel it should be done, but it is not always possible to do that the way that we would like to do it. So, we should wait and see how the Italian authorities will solve this humanitarian problem, which has come from natural causes that nobody can stop happening. Anyhow, the Italians seem to be mostly on their own to face their problems, since in the world there are several other problems and everyone tries to fix their own first.
Above we have mentioned that usually people try to blame somebody else, or something else, because there are things that usually complicate the outcome, so, let us see what these things are that makes people unhappy.

Inclement weather and other
For people that have been affected severally from the quake, and today they don’t have any more a roof over their head, inclement weather is their enemy number one, this is followed by their worries about the properties that they have been forced to temporary abandon, because they are now open to robberies, the authorities in charge do what they can to stop thieves entering them. But thieves are people that don’t care about other people properties and the laws that forbids them to enter other people properties. So, some of them will find a way how to rob the already unfortunate people that have lost so much already. When we think about all this, we can only feel very sorry, for those people that are going through all this painful stuff, even though, they have not done anything wrong to deserve this. So, if these people are unhappy we understand the reason why.
Now that I have mentioned above this issue, about deserving or not what they are going through. I cannot help to remember that in the news there has been this foolish priest that has said that this is a divine punishment, how he can believe that stuff I do not know, but he said it anyhow; he must be a bit like the Muslims, who believe that their God Allah will punish them if they don’t do what is written in their Koran, or what they believe is written in the Koran. They both live in their fantasy land and believe in these extremist views. But let us leave behind this believing issues, because what has happened here is a natural disaster and not God send.  
As we have said, already, the main enemy of those people that don’t have a roof over their head is inclement weather, so, it is imperative that they find a way how to protect themselves soon enough, before the winter comes if possible, because over there in winter-times very little can be done, of course that depends how severe the winter will be this year, one could hope that it is not that cold; but it is better to think that it could be very cold. So, the authorities that have already promised the people so many things at the start, they better try hard to fulfil their promises, because winter is just around the corner, so to speak. We could say more about all these problems that these unfortunate people are facing today, which could be liked to other problems as well, that we are going to discuss, about the refugees and the mafia, where we are going to write about our own personal views about them, in our next article later. 
Now, we should say that in Italy there are other urgent problems as well, so, the government cannot concentrate all its efforts to the earthquake people, because there are also the refugees that need help, as we have already said. 

Every day there are thousands of illegal emigrant, they come in by sea on whatever floating device they can find, it is a real problem over there, and it could get worse if a solution is not found.

Back to the refugees’ problem
The refugees’ problem is a worldwide problem, but for Italy, because of its unique position in the Mediterranean Sea is getting a very large share of refugees, which is no good for the Italians; these refugees also need food and shelter, like the people that lost their houses in the earthquake. So, the Italian authorities need to work hard to solve these accommodation problems, for both. But that is not going to be easy, because the sheer number of these refugees that need help causes some problems that are hard to solve. But they need to be solved before they become even larger. But there are even more problems, because of what happens in Italy now and has happened for a very long time. The worse part of this refugees problem is that there is no end in sight. But this cannot go on for a long time, because there will be other problems that these refugees would cause.
Some of these concerns are already well known throughout the world, one of which is that they bring with them some extremist elements, as we have seen a few times already; everybody knows about a year ago what these extremists did in France and then Belgium and other countries as well. No   country can be safe from them, because of their extremist beliefs, which could be attributed to their religious beliefs, or just for convenience they try to blame their religion to commit these atrocious crimes. Whatever is their reasons, they don’t deserve to be helped at all. Why help them when they turn around and kill you. One should ask oneself, how this could make sense in this people twisted minds.
So, today the entire world should work out this problem of the refugees, because not only they rely on the willingness of other countries to help them. Because, other countries go to help them on humanitarian grounds, they help them willingly without thinking that one day they could cause real problems.
We will be talking about, some of these problems that they can cause in our next article, where we are going to talk about, the unseen problems that the refugees can cause, the extremist problem and the mafia problem. You see, this is one of the reasons why I am writing these articles here.  See you soon, in our next article called, concerns about refugees and mafia.
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Italian concerns continued
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