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Migration and Italy modern history

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Migration and Italy modern history

This could be an old photo and some old happenings, but emigrant are still coming today in thousands; and therefore, we wonder if some unwanted happening is going to happen in the near future. It seems to me that all this movement of new migrant, it may create a real problem in the future.
Migration and Italy modern history

Today world happenings, could be history making

An old man view of the world. I am an old man now and when I look at the world and see what is happening, I think that the world is going mad these days; I feel that the human race that was supposed to know how to behave these days, because we are supposed to have reached the age of reason does not know what to do in these hard times; so, what is wrong with humanity I would like to ask anyone that knows this answer?

Looking at the news on TV or reading the news on the Internet is almost impossible to avoid the terrorist news that is happening just about every day. I know that the news that we hear are just news and most time the bad news are more important than the good news to tell the people, they are important because they have happened and the public needs to know, but really we are becoming tired of all these bad news, because they are so ugly that one wants to switch off the TV and turn off the computer.

So, my dear readers, I wish that I could have been writing happy news, because that is what most of us would like to hear; instead I am stuck with this bad news that seem to surround us around. I have to say here that I feel within myself that my heart is crying my dear readers; My heart is crying because there are so many wrong things going on in the world today, so forgive me if I try to write what I see is wrong and still going on, because I would like to say what I feel into my heart, while I am writing this article. You see by writing this article I might feel at least that I have tried to warn the people what I see could happen next, I would like to say a few things here, because there are very few people that say anything positive, or at least suggest anything positive about what is happening in the world today, so some discussions could become helpful to say the least, who knows somebody might come up with a solution, so let me write my painful article the best way I can, even if this article may not appeal to a large section of our readers, because these days readers like to read easy stuff and not this sort of article that is going to make them think about the world and what is happening.

As you will see from the following paragraph, this article is about the world present history that is just happening these days, so even though I have named this hub, an old man view of the world, this old man needs to attach this story to a particular region of the world, in order to make his story real. Now as it happens I have written a few hubs about my native town of Genzano di Lucania and also about the second castle of this town called, the castle of Monteserico, which has a real history of its own, sense this castle was the castle of the Normans and Robert Guiscard duke of Southern Italy in the year 1047 or there about, it was also the castle of another famous person Fredrick 2nd that owned this castle around the 12th  century in Southern Italy.

We have to say here that the events and wars in those past times were very violent, so there have been some violent happenings around this castle. Today again history is taking its course and something might happen again around these regions of Southern Italy, because there are so many illegal emigrant coming in, and the view of this old man that is writing this article is that: they seem to occupy the whole country and we Italians are letting them in and welcoming them with open arms, but I don’t see that this is going to last long, because most regions of Italy are not rich and will not be able to sustain all these emigrants, so if this event and what we are witnessing today does not stop soon, we believe that soon there could be another violent story that could soon unfold in the future, in Italy and even in this parts of Italy, so, we just wonder, if history is going to repeat again.

We hope that what we believe could happen will never happen, but just sometimes we old people seem to worry too much. Anyhow, we seem to have said enough in this post, so see you in our next post, more about Italy modern history.


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