Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The town I have come from

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Today is the year 2017, and I found a beautiful photo of the fountain in the Villa of Genzano, so I am posting photo because it is a rare photo, people that have lived in Genzano will be amazed.

This is one of Genzano main streets, it is called the 'Corso' in this photo the 'Corso' seems deserted, but there are special times in this town, when most people all dressed up stroll up and down, it is like a parade and the walk very slowly just to see who is there and to be seen; this really happens every Sunday afternoon and also on other days.

One of the main event of this town is the feast of this Madonna. In this photo you can see the statue of this Madonna in front of the church, while they are getting ready to take this Madonna out in a procession around town.

This photo here is another feast that happens in this town, at this old fountain called Cavallina it is very likely the labour day feast on the first of May. Now you might have an idea what the town I came from looks like.

The town I have come from

Genzano is the town I came from
Dear readers, wherever we are, people always ask these questions, where we come from? Of course this makes us think first of all where we come from originally, so we start thinking about creation and something similar; we start thinking that life is the best gift that God or Mother Nature has given us, it is always wonderful to think about our life and trying to live it the best way we can; at the same time we are wondering sometimes where we come from and most of us would like to know why and what is the reason for being here on earth; some of us have their own beliefs or just we go along with other people beliefs, but this reasoning is about where we come from originally, whether God has created us or we are just a product of evolution.
But here in this post we are not going to talk about this philosophic question, we are only talking about where we come from, meaning whether we are local people that have lived there for many generations, or we are new to this place, this is what other people most times want to know. So, when you are not living in your native town anymore, because you have left your native town and gone to live somewhere else to earn a living, then the most likely question that people would always ask would be; where you come from?
While we try to answer their question the best way we can we start thinking about our own fife journey and indeed about the town that we have came from; in my case I would answer I have come from Genzano di Lucania; so, Genzano is the town I came from. Then we may start thinking that we might be born with our own destiny, since we see that there were certain reasons why we left our native town, at least some of us might believe we do have a destiny, just because we would like to believe that it is so. You see for this reason I believe that somehow my own destiny has played a part and has taken me away from my native town. Some people may say that since you left your town for your own personal reasons, you would forget about your native town altogether, and you would not say a word about it since this town could not give you what you wanted when you were young, so you left your native town.
Some people might think that you don’t like your native town, but it is not like that at all, because wherever you are born and grow up it is going to be your native town for the rest of your life. You see every one of us is proud of its native town or country, if we were not proud of our heritage we would be unworthy of ourselves, so, I hope that you my dear readers understand why sometimes I would like to talk about Genzano my native home town. After all Genzano di Lucania is really a good town that one could be proud of to come from, so let us talk about Genzano di Lucania the town that I come from.
Click on the link above to see the map, another map is in our hub, Genzano di Lucania.

The town where I came from

Dear readers, allow me to describe to you the town where I was born, lived when I was young and later on I had to leave; because of the changes that were occurring at that time, it would not be financially sound to continue to work this small family farm;  so, I left our farm and migrated to Australia. Now, I would like to talk about my native town so that you could understand the ways that we used to live in this town, at the time when I was young; after all we want also to compare the ways of living of those time with today’s ways of living: we would like to do that not only to compare the difference, but also because you may perceive and feel my life story in the same way and depth as I have perceived and felt it, while I was living my young life at that place and at that particular time. About my life in the farm I have already written several hubs and some of them you can check them out at these addresses: 
As we were saying the town that we are talking about here is the town where I was born and lived my youth before I came to Australia, its name is Genzano di Lucania.
Therefore let us go back to the time when I was young, so that I could describe to you the town and their costumes, so that, you may be able to understand the ways that these people have lived their lives for centuries; And therefore the reason why they were living the way they were living at the time when I was young. Now because I was born there I was caught in their own ways of living, which left a lot to be desired for, if one compares it to the ways that we live our lives in Australia nowadays, and also most of the advanced countries in the world.
The town where I came from happens to be situated in Southern Italy; its name is ‘Genzano’ but its full name is ‘Genzano Di Lucania’, only to distinguish it from ‘Genzano di Roma’. But when we talk about this town, we just talk about Genzano, and this causes a curious fact of life here in Australia, because to most people living in Australia the name of ‘Genzano’ sounds very much like ‘Cinzano’ which is a famous wine brand. So they start asking questions whether my native town is the town where such a good wine originated. But unfortunately ‘Genzano’ the town which I have come from has got nothing to do with that famous wine brand. Although we had and still have some good vineyards in the town territory, and they make good wines, and here we have to add that also my family owned some vineyards at the time when I was young, from which we used to make good wines too. The wine that our family made from our vineyards was mainly for our own family use, but usually it was more than our family could use, so we would sell the extra wine locally. I will tell you more about this wine making in another hub, here is the link to check it out: Wine making the old ways
But talking about wines and wine making, it makes me think of something very unusual and scenic in this town of Genzano, which people from outside town and not familiar with this sort of set up would be amazed to see. (Check our hub, Wine making the old way in the subtitle, life and sound of the chasm) Now, if we were to say that the people of Genzano make their wines inside cellars, which are large caves, dug in the walls of a chasm, it would certainly leave too much to your imagination, and you may be forgiven to imagine that there are cavemen too living in these caves, but let us see or imagine how all this wine making in the cave came about, in this southern region of Italy. But first let us look at the ancient towns of this region of Italy.
Anyhow I believe that this post is already long enough, so see you in our next post that we are going to call, old towns of southern Italy.