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Farming today compared to the old way

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Wheat farming the modern way
With these combined harvester machines to collect wheat is easy these days. anyhow we have to point out that in this photo there are just too many machine, just to make an impressive photo.

By using a tractor and plough or other devises to cultivate the soil today is also a lot easier than it used to be; well, not only it is easier but it is also better, because the soils is better prepared, when the time comes for sowing whatever one needs to sow.

Farming today compared to the old way
Wheat farming the modern way
Dear readers, starting with this post we are going to write a few posts, where we would like to show you that overall we are better off today than we were in the past, one of these improvement has been happening because of the new machines that have been invented in the last century or so, but perhaps to understand this progress we need to describe one of the main improvements that I have witnessed myself personally, so I would like to talk about; Farming today compared to the old ways.
First of all let us acknowledge that modern wheat farming in Australia and in many other parts of the world as well has been able to slash the present cost of living a lot; today modern farming thanks to the many new farming machine available and also the many new fertilises available are able to produce wheat and other produce a lot cheaper than in the past, so, food for most of us people has become a lot cheaper, therefore we are better off today in many ways.
In this post including another couple of post that we are going to post later, we would like to invite our readers to compare how different farming and farming life was at the time when I was young in the fifties, and also, how hard was life then because most of us had to work hard just to earn enough to feed ourselves and our families, as you will become aware by the time you finish reading this articles.
This difference that we are talking about would apply to the farmers and the general public as well, because today it affects both of them in a beneficial way. So there is a lot to be said about this great difference in cost and also hardship or easiness and it all has happened during my life time, so, there are good reasons to believe that our standard of living has improving a lot, at least in the sense of being able to feed ourselves with wheat and other farm products, because the cost of farm products are more affordable today than in the past; so let us compare the cost of living and some of the reasons why this has happened and also talk about the farming life that we used to live, at the same time, perhaps just for the sake of seeing where we have come from.
Today we often wonder how easy it is to grow and harvest wheat, at least it seems so when we look at a video that shows harvest time in the wheat farms, we see a few harvester machines in a field collect the wheat in no time at all, and because of this speed of these wonderful combine harvester machine food is a lot cheaper today than it used to be; of course these machines are only part of the machinery that helps the farmers produce the wheat, because there are many more machines required, so, just to inform the general public a bit more, because some of them we guess would not know what is involved at all, let us talk about and show here under a few more machines that are required to work the fields and produce wheat today.

Some farmers' machinery

We could say that the most important machine in the farms is the tractor, as this machine could be used in all sorts of farming, in wheat farming the tractor is followed by the harvester machine and other devices to till the soil and to sow the seeds, and all these machines put together make farming a lot easier today, and therefore wheat can be produced a lot cheaper, this of course helps keep the price of bread and other wheat made products down, since wheat is the main food elements required in the western world to prepare food, therefore, this new way of farming helps a great deal just about everybody, since wheat would be one of the main ingredients to make foods for us to eat and we require lots of it.
Of course if we want to talk about farming in general there is more to say than just wheat farming, because there are many other things that the bloke on the land would produce, see this link here-under how Wikipedia explains farming.
Dear readers, now let us continue to talk about wheat farming and the great benefit that we get from it; we should be really happy about what is happening here because it is good for us all, so, today while we are writing this article, we would like to point out that there is a great difference in the ways of living and definitely we are a lot better off today than we were, when I was young:
Now, for comparison sake let me explain this to you, today here in Australia there are a few places that a 600g loaf of bread costs you just one dollar, we know that this bread is sold at a very special price from these supermarket, in order to get the customers to the shop, but we often wonder and we do not know how it could be done so cheap but they do it anyhow, this very low price of bread is possible only because the farmer can produce the wheat cheap for a start.
Then, because the wheat is cheap the price of bread could also be cheap, the supermarkets make it even cheaper to attract customers, because the supermarkets have a price war to attract customers on bread and also on milk, so, we can buy a loaf of bread for one dollar and we can buy a two litre bottled milk for two dollars, that works out at one dollar per litre, again how they can do it I do not know, but they do it anyhow; so there is plenty of cheap wholesome food around for us to enjoy, thanks to the farmers and the supermarkets.
But even though bread and milk is cheap beyond compare, there are people that still complain about the cost of living today, I know that what I am talking about here are only a few items and a lot more are needed to live well. But just for comparison sake let us show you how easily we can afford to buy bread and milk to day, you see today most people on the government old age pension in Australia would receive about 700 dollars per fortnight, which would be about 50 dollars per day, they could very easily afford to buy bread and milk and other food items.
Now that we have said how easy it is to buy bread and other staple food today, let us leave behind this affordability of food today and let us see how things were done in the past. You see, when I was young things were a lot harder than today, for sure we could not buy bread and milk as easy as we buy them today, because to produce these things took a lot more physical work than today and therefore they were a lot more expensive, they were so because the way of producing them was different, in order to show you what we mean, hereunder we are going to describe how wheat farming was done at the time when I was young and also how hard it was for some people just to have something to eat, even if it was just a piece of bread and butter, or bread and tomatoes or other basic things that one could find in the fields if you were in the farms. Anyhow, to start with let me describe how farming was done then, in this following article, farming the old ways, so that we could have a better understanding of the whole issue and be able to compare the past with the present way of farming. Anyhow how I said at the beginning of this post, we are going to write a few posts about this subject and this post is becoming too long, so we will write about ‘farming the old way’ in our next post. 
Do not forget that this is only the first post and to understand what we want to convey you need to read our next to post at least.  
See you soon.

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