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Life means whatever you want

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And this post, Life means whatever you want (even when it hurts)
Life means whatever you want
The meaning of life is sometimes whatever you want it to mean, because from the life that we have lived, even when it is a boring and hard life, we could always try to find some positive events that could help us see life better that it actually has been for us. So life means to us whatever you want it to mean, it is up to the individual.   

Life means whatever you want
Dear readers, in our previous post we have written about my childhood and other things, including the changes that happen during our lives, so we want to finish this article now with this post. Therefore now, let us look at my life like a philosopher would look at it, so, let us learn whatever we can learn from it, and also let us talk about the hurting part of life in the farms when I was young and the personal consequences that it brought to us young farmer:
Here I need also to explain that while I was editing this hub I have realized that I want to add the following article in this hub, it seems to me that it is the most appropriate place to write this; here I am talking about the hurting part of life that we had to go through in our young life, because it left us in a disadvantaged position, and how all this has affected my entire life.
But first of all let me explain also that life means whatever we want it to mean even when it hurts us, as we always learn something from it, so even if I am going to lament my bad luck here-under, we all should take it as a lesson from life. Here let us be a bit of a philosopher and let us study the fundamental problems of life from our own life.
I need to say that, when one goes through all these hard life experiences in the farm, one knows that it is really hard life farming, but we the farmers of those times kept working in our farms to feed the rest of the community anyhow, and even if we were working our guts out, and while we were doing that we were becoming dull, but we did our part to support the rest of the community anyhow.
Now you mark my words, because what I am writing about here is something old, but for me it is as if it only happened yesterday, so let me say this like in the present tense; at the time when this was happening the rest of the town’s community doesn’t see it that way, and they think that we are stupid people that just work our guts out, because we are dull and don’t know better.
So this attitude of the community hurts every farming hand very much, and most of all the young farm hands and those who would become young farmers later on also, since this are the harsh thanks that we receive from the town’s community for doing what we had to do.
But what’s hurting us the young farmers most of all, it is when the towns people seem to laugh at us because we have become dull compared to themselves; this is the way that we are being treated from the rest of the town’s community and it hurts too much: So we the hurt ones, we feel that we want to shout into their faces that they should be ashamed of themselves because; They have first sacrificed us, as they have put us in a position where we could not improve ourselves, instead of treating us in the same way as they did for themselves, and then they laugh at us because we have become dull. What a shame! Genzano town’s folks, (including also all other towns around) you should be ashamed of yourselves! Because you first sacrifice your own children by sending them to work at a very early age, and then you laugh at their sacrifice, only because through their sacrifice they have become dull. Shame on you Genzano’s folks!
Anyhow, whatever has been, it has been and we can only learn something from it, if we have observed what has happened and learned from it.
What I have written above has been my life and the way that I have lived it up when I was young, and now allow me to say that I have been unlucky to have lived such a hard life when I was young, but at the same time I feel that it is all over and I am lucky now, even if I have different problems. I have to think that way, because that is the only way to find peace within oneself.
I suppose that what I have been saying above seems already out of time, as if it is hundreds of years old, but it is not, because it all happened during my young life, so how are today people going to compare my life story to today’s living is hard to tell, but it would be helpful if they could.
But now let me finish this article by saying that somehow I have written already the story of my life when I was young, but life may mean whatever we want it to mean and we have to do our best to accept whatever we cannot avoid; but, there are a couple more articles that I need to write before I start the second part of my life story after I migrated to Australia. This two article one is about the poor outcome of my psychological love life, due to the facts that I was poorly prepared, and therefore I will lament that, because that has affected me all my life; the second one is about to compare the way of farming and how better off we are today. Then I will have to start my second part of my life story, beginning from when I migrated to Australia and what I did in Australia.
In this second part, I will be speaking from Australia, and therefore I will be telling you to start with about the town that I came from, which I believe that might very well be interesting to know, so that you my readers may understand better what was going on during my entire life. So, after I have written my next two articles, I will start telling you about the town that I come from, Genzano di Lucania, this town is called with this longer name, because there is another Genzano town in Italy and that one is Genzano di Roma. Anyhow let me close this article by saying that next hub will be my psychological hub called, midway love story 
Life means whatever you want
Next time with, midway love story. 

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