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Refugees main reasons

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These refugees have been rescued and taken in one of the Italian ports, where they are waiting for the Italian authorities to take them somewhere else. All these refugees that are coming in, they seem to behave as if the world owes them everything they would like to have, when they have not contributed anything at all to the country that saves them and then is forced to feed them as well.

What are the main reasons?  
In this post we would like to discuss the reasons why there are so many emigrants that leave their homeland and try to emigrate to Europe, at first sight it is not easy to see why they emigrate in such big numbers, but when we think about it we soon become aware that they are not happy where they happen to be; so, let us think about the reasons why these people are not happy and become refugees, if they are not real refugees from a war, or some other catastrophic natural event; this makes me think that the reason why they are not happy in their own country, it is because their country is badly run from governments that have not real powers; here the people themselves are partly to blame, because they have a negative mentality, as they are not looking how to improve the situation for themselves, they rather try to rob each other of those things that are already there, this usually makes everything even worse, because by robbing and killing other people the country itself becomes poorer.
But that is not the only thing, these robberies and killings usually escalate to the point that large gang of thief’s are formed with the mentality of trying to grab things from other people, or control from other people, this way of living may result in internal wars, which in turn will make that country even poorer, and therefore harder to live a normal life and earn a honest living. This vicious circle needs to be stopped in the country where it originated, because that is the only way to stop it affecting its people, and also because this vicious circle of violence and robberies will continue with those people where ever they go, this is what we would like to point out to the world. So, those countries that out of humanitarian pity will take these refugees in, they need to become aware that if these refugees are too many, they might upset to way of living in their own countries; therefore they should be very careful and see what they are doing, because if those emigrant are too many, they would become hard to control, so there is a chance that they will run the receiving country down to the level of their own country.   
We believe that the entire world should be involved in this, because the entire world would be affected by this refugee’s movement; now I suppose we should ask ourselves what could be done to improve the situation. Here is the greatest problem of them all, because it is not easy to change people mentality, but it needs to be done somehow, or all of us will suffer the consequences; it is obvious it is a vicious circle that needs to be stopped and fixed.
A simple man opinion
The world leaders should meet and find a way how to improve the economy of these impoverished countries, and at the same time they should make clear to the people of those countries that they would be better off if they remain in their own native country, perhaps by giving some specific aid to improve their standard of living. At the same time they should also let them know that what they see that glitter in the other countries is not gold.
The reason for doing this is for keeping the stability of all countries involved, because the whole world system could become economically unstable; here I am pretty sure that some people would ask why and how the economic system of those countries that receive the refugees could become unstable; but, as you could imagine there are a few things that need to be considered: 
First of all the receiving country has got to spend so much time and effort when these refugees arrive, then has to feed them and look after them, all these things put together cost a lot of money, so much money that this country does not have; so it will slowly impoverish the receiving country, so their living standard will slowly go down and it will continue to go down if the refuges continue to arrive in large number; in fact it could go down to the same level of the countries that the refugees come from. So the number of incoming refugees should be kept to a very low level whenever possible; this is my first point of view, but there is more that could be said, if we want to look for more things to say.
But I believe that I have said enough, just because this is the view of a simple man and I have said the main problems that I could see coming, if things don’t improve.
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Refugees main reasons
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