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Other refugee problems

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Boat full of refugees going to Italy, just about every day there are boats full of refugees coming to Italy.

The entire world has refugees problem,
In the previous post we have talked about the emigrant problem in Europe, although Europe has the biggest flow of illegal migrant these days, it is not the only place that this exodus of people happens, because they happen in most other parts of the world as well: For instance in Australia the government is trying very hard to stop the boats of illegal emigrant to reach its shores, whenever they can they take these incoming immigrant to a less attractive place than Australia, they keep them over there for as long as they can and only those that are found to be real refugees are allowed to come to Australia; it might not work exactly like that but at least they try to stop the boats coming in easily, in the hope that less illegal migrant would come to Australia. 

Border fence between USA Mexico to stop illegal migrants. 

But this emigration problem is all over the world and also the USA has got this sort of problem with the people from Mexico that somehow find the way how to cross the frontier and enter USA, but over there at least the authorities try to stop it, and for this reason it is kept to a minimum and that is a good thing for many reasons. One of these reasons is the danger that they bring with them, because the receiving country may become impoverished and then their own people would want to move to another country, well I suppose this might not apply to the USA, because it is a big country and it is rich, but in general terms this is what could happen.
Now let us leave behind the emigrants that want to move to another country for financial gain, and let us talk briefly about the refugees from war thorn countries. These refugees really need some help and we should give it to them, but here we really should be cautious, we should really screen them to see whether they are refugees that other people have caused to become refugees, or they have taken part themselves in the causing of the wars, which in turn has made them refugees; this issue would be very important to know, because they might be those type of people that might cause the same problem wherever they go. We hope you see what we mean.

Risk refugees
Now that we are talking about war refugees let us look at those refugees that bring the most risk to the receiving country. Here you might have a shock to learn that the refugees that bring most risks are those refugees that come from religious wars, any type of these refugees bring danger with them wherever they go, because of their religious beliefs and they believe that killing other people is right, just because these people do not belong to their own religion, so their religion make them trigger happy and they go around killing other people.
In order to understand this issue, we need only to look at past religious wars and other meaningless acts that religious people have caused to understand what we want to say here. Let us just mention a couple of the most senseless things that religious people have done: The crusader is one and the other major one is the inquisition, these two acts have killed thousands of people in the name of God and religion. Therefore those extremist religious fanatics are to be treated with suspicion, we should be really careful to accept them easily in our country. We could say more but this means that we have to point out directly to those religious groups that we think are dangerous and we are not prepared to do that at this point of time.
If you don’t know about these two negative religious events of the Crusaders and the Inquisition try to read some of their history. You see today the religious people will avoid mentioning any of these acts. Anyhow we are pasting here some links for you to investigate.  
Now, here we would like to point out that the problem is not entirely the fault of religions, but it is rather the way that the people use them, this is one of the reasons why we have written our own religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe where we are suggesting how to attempt to modify religions in such a way that it would be harder for people to use religions for their own advantages. Here are a few article links that you can read, just to have an idea what we are talking about. Reconciliation of the Universe, God of the Universe description, God's central sit of government, I have only given you three links of the several articles we have written and if you are interested to read more it would be easy to connect to the other using these links above. 
That is all for the time being, but we will say more if we need to say more later on.        

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