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Madonna story

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This is the statue of the Madonna that Genzano,' people take around town when they have a procession

Madonna story of Genzano
This is part one of the Madonna story of Genzano di Lucania.
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Dear readers, in our last article called, The heritage chapter, we have explained and accepted that indeed in Genzano di Lucania a long time ago there lived some Greek people in one of the chasms, well this might seem strange today that people used to live in caves dug in the walls of a chasm, but we think it is strange just because we don’t live in caves any more. Anyhow, I would like to go back to talk about the Greek people; because, there are reasons to believe that before the Greek people left their caves in the chasm for the last time, here we are saying the last time because, they seemed to have been forced to run away, so, they hid their Madonna effigy at the lower end of the chasm; as you can see this is another very important story to tell about the Greek community that lived in Genzano territory a very long time ago, at the beginning of the Christian Era. Here we have to admit that what we are telling here is only folklore stories and some logic human explanations when we try to put all what is known together.
We have also to admit that what follows here is mostly guess work, because nobody knows for sure what happened to the Greek people, it is known that they were there and then they were not there anymore, but the facts are not really known and perhaps it is not important to know exactly what happened to them, because here we want only to tell you the story of the Madonna that is going to follow here-under. But for sure there must have been an upheaval of some sort early in the Christian era because; because, they (the Greek people) seem to have been persecuted and had to run away, and when they left they had to hide away their most precious religious things. So they left behind buried in a secret spot in a little known cave, an effigy of a Madonna, which was to be found much later by the people of Genzano.
How they came about to find this Madonna icon later on just about everybody in Genzano knows the story, and they could tell you their own version easily. So, I had only to find a few names and a few dates to write my own version down, which I would like to tell you here and now.
The Madonna story as we know it begins
One day in the year of our Lord 1619 there was this fourteen years old youth, whose parents were of a good and honourable family, his name was; Pietro di Giovan Filippo, and he happened to mind some oxen in the fields at that time, he was in the zone that we call Strippara which is near Genzano town where this event took place, in fact it seems to me that he was at the very beginning of the chasm called ‘Del Monte’. So, while he was browsing his oxen there; a Lady all dressed in white appeared to him; and she told him that he should go and tell the people of Genzano that, they should go into the chasm near the fountain of Capo d’aqua, and dig in the cave that was once known to have been in the vineyard of ‘Don Fabio’ and they would find her image there. The youth went to town and told the people and the priest of the apparition of this great Lady, but they were not sure whether to believe him or not; so nothing was done about it at that point of time. But after a few days or a week or two, the Lady in white appeared to the youth again; But this time she asked the youth to open his hand, and she wrote in his hand a message to the priest, she closed the youth hand and told him to go to the priest and show him that writing. The youth now with his closed fist that he could not or would not open for fear ran into the town and found the priest, and told him about the second apparition of the Lady in white, and that the Lady had written on his hand in his closed fist something; the priest took his hand to see and there in front of the priest he could open his hand again; and in his hand the priest could see the message which read (I am Maria Santissima Delle Grazie, and come to find me).
So, now the priest had no doubt in his mind from where that message was coming, and he assembled the people of Genzano and told them the facts. A search was organized, and they dug in and around the said cave for a very long time, and not knowing exactly where else to dig, they also dug farther up the mountain, where they found some human remains and other object as evidence that there once lived eremites. The search went on for about two long years and therefore they became tired of it. And it seemed to them at that time, that there was not a real Madonna image to be found, because the only image of a Madonna that they had found there was a Madonna traced over the sand which was slowly disappearing. And thinking that this would be all that they could find, they decided to give up the search, but at the same time they would build a small chapel in honour of this Madonna. But while they were digging the foundation for this chapel, a whole heap of very hard rock fell from the chasm’s wall above, which showed them that there was a smaller cave near the old cave higher up in the chasm’s wall, and in this small cave they found a few religious items, including a small image of St. Peter on a brick, but there was no Madonna.
I believe that we have said enough in this post, one of the reasons we are saying this it is because, today most of the readers like short stories, as they have several things to look about; anyhow we will continue to write about this Madonna story in our next post, The Madonna is found. See you soon.

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Madonna story
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