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This is an old man view of the world

Today world happenings point out that Southern Italy could be about to see another invasion of its territory, this time it is not going to be like the old times, when people fought many wars in order to gain control of some territory; you see today we the people that believe in democracy and humanity let these people in our countries with open arms as brothers, but the question here is: are they going to be our brothers in the future, or are they going to turn nasty as they are nasty in their own country and instead of living in peace with us are going to overrun their new country with their violent ways, as they have done in their own country? 
I am an old man now and when I look at the world and see what is happening, I think that the world is going mad these days; I feel that the human race that was supposed to know how to behave these days, because we are supposed to have reached the age of reason does not know what to do in these hard times; so, what is wrong with humanity I would like to ask?
Looking at the news on TV or reading the news on the Internet is almost impossible to avoid the terrorist news that is happening just about every day. I know that the news are news and most time the bad news are more important than the good news to tell the people, they are important because they have happened and the public needs to know, but really we are becoming tired of all these bad news, because they are so ugly that one wants to switch off the TV and turn off the computer.
So, my dear readers, I wish that I could have been writing happy news, because that is what most of us would like to hear; instead I am stuck with these bad news that seem to surround us around. I have to say here that I feel within myself that my heart is crying my dear readers; My heart is crying because there are so many wrong things going on in the world today, so forgive me if I try to write what I see is wrong and still going on, because I would like to say what I feel into my heart, while I am writing this article. You see by writing this article I might feel at least that I have tried to warn the people what I see could happen next, I would like to say a few things here, because there are very few people that say anything positive, or at least suggest anything positive about what is happening in the world today, so some discussions could become helpful to say the least, who knows somebody might come up with a solution, so let me write my painful article the best way I can, even if this article may not appeal to a large section of our readers, because these days readers like to read easy stuff and not this sort of article that is going to make them think about the world and what is happening.
As you will see from the following paragraph, this article is about the world present history that is just happening these days, so even though I have named this hub, an old man view of the world, this old man needs to attach this story to a particular region of the world, in order to make his story real. Now as it happens I have written a few hubs about my native town of Genzano di Lucania and also about the second castle of this town called, the castle of Monteserico, which has a real history of its own, sense this castle was the castle of the Normans and Robert Guiscard duke of Southern Italy in the year 1047 or there about, it was also the castle of another famous person Fredrick ll that owned this castle around 12 century in Southern Italy.
We have to say here that the events and wars in those past times were very violent, so there have been some violent happenings around this castle. Today again history is taking its course and something might happen again around these regions of Southern Italy, because there are so many illegal emigrant coming in, and the view of this old man that is writing this article is that: they seem to occupy the whole country and we Italians are letting them in and welcoming them with open arms, but I don’t see that this is going to last long, because most regions of Italy are not rich and will not be able to sustain all these emigrants, so is this event of what we are witnessing going to be another violent story that could soon unfold in the future, we just wonder, if history is going to repeat again.
Italy modern history

The refugees from Tunisia

Another boat full of refugees

So, dear readers, make no mistakes and think that the subtitle of this article says it all, and everything that we are going to talk about in this article belongs strictly to this region of southern Italy, no, dear readers what we are going to talk about here is a worldwide problem, but above all I would like to tell my own country people what I see coming, in the hope that they would be able to see the other side of the story, you see from down under here in Australia we might be able to see things that are not very obvious to those that live in southern Italy, and also those people that by their actions cause history to be written, after all these people are forced by circumstances to run away from their native countries, but the question here remains; could this running away be prevented by doing other things one needs to ask?
The idea of writing this article, is that we were writing about the past history of this regions of southern Italy, because I come from this region, and therefore there are lots of times that I go back to talk about it, but today we are going to talk about what the future could hold for this region, because there are some historic things happening presently.  
I believe that there is a link between the past the present and the future, so, let me explain the link that already exists here; as you all know I have been writing my life story in Hub Pages and also some of the history of my native town of Genzano di Lucania; and then, recently we have written about the history of the castle of Monteserico, so we have looked at some of the good things but also the bad things that have happened around this castle and also about Genzano town. Now having seen what has happened in the past, our minds looks at the present times and tries to forecast the future, we know that our human history keeps going on indefinitely, so, we wonder what the future holds for us; here I have to say that there are a few negative signs for the future of this region, which we will be trying to explain as we keep on writing this article.
Now; they say that it would be better not to say anything unless you can say nice things to the public, but what about saying things that might help prevent some catastrophic event in the future, because we see this danger that could be coming, but people of this region do not seem to see it and they completely ignore it. I know that by saying this I might be called many nasty names for starting this unpleasant conversation, but so what, I believe that I would not do the duty of a good citizen if I don’t speak out.
So what are you talking about you would ask and why it seems to you that you have to speak out and for what reason?
To understand what I am going to say next, it is necessary to know a bit more about this region of Southern Italy and the inhabitant that have lived and are living there. You see this region is not rich, the only thing that it is going on there is farming; there are a lot of small farms that would be able to sustain the native inhabitant only. We have also to say that there are times when these small farms do not produce enough and people leave the farms and go to work somewhere else, if and when they are able to find another job. You see this is the main reason why I left our small family farm and migrated to Australia.
We know that a few things might have changed since I left Italy, but if they have changed it is not a great deal, as there are no industries of any sort beside farming, so the way of life over there is very much the same as it was in the fifties or there about. What I want to point out with this article is that this region of southern Italy could not support any outside people that would like to come here and that is the worry that comes to my mind, so let me explain what I mean, because I think that this is a real problem for this region of Italy. But as we have said already this would also apply to several other regions in the world, so whatever warnings that this article may suggest they are also warnings for the rest of the word and above all the western world. 
The Italian problem of today
If you have paid attention to the news, you must have noted that there are many illegal migrants in the world today; they are illegal migrant because they forcefully go everywhere even when they are not wanted at all; here I am afraid that I have to say that when they do this forceful migrating they could easily upset the way of life of the people that are forced to receive them against their will; but let us see what could be the causes of this migration, and then extend our search to what could be the outcome of this forceful emigrants that come in unwanted, because I am worried that something might happen in southern Italy soon.
The causes of migrating in search of a better life are many, but above all of them is poverty, sometimes poverty is so bad that people could even starve to death, now that is really when people are very poor and they are forced to find a way how they would be able to feed themselves; here the rest of the world that are better off should really try to help them and there is no question about it.
But on the other hand there are people that are not that poor and they want more because they are greedy, they may start to believe that the rest of the world is better off than they are and therefore they want to grab whatever the others have, and this seems to be the main problem that the entire world is facing today; anyhow here we want to talk about the Italian problem, mainly because I am an Italian that has emigrated from southern Italy, and therefore in this article I would like to talk about Italy and my native town and the surrounding towns and countryside. So we would like to start thinking and imagining what could be like in the future to live in southern Italy, in these towns with all these new migrant coming in. But first of all who are these emigrant we have to ask and why they are migrating
The emigrant problem
People that emigrate are usually poor people that happen to live in a poor nation, the reason that their native towns and their nation are poor have many reasons, but above all the poverty is lack of good management of the resources that they might have; but sometimes this may also be due to changes that are unavoidable. Now, in general terms we believe that if a region has been able to provide for a living to a certain number of people for a very long time, the same region should be able to provide that same amount of people indefinitely, if that region has good management and the people that live there try to do their best.
Therefore our views are that those people that live there are not the best people that are able to plan ahead for themselves, in such a way that they could support themselves, so they slowly find themselves that they are becoming poor. Because they are becoming poor they start looking around and see that some of the other people are better off than they are; now they do not ask themself why the other people have been able to have a better standard of living, they only see that they would like to have that higher standard of living, at least that is what they see, or what they believe the world owes them just because they are living in this world. So when people emigrate in great number most of them emigrate because where they are they are not able to look after themselves.
Now the main problem that these emigrants have is going to stay with them with the rest of their lives. We have to admit here that a few of them are going to be able to look after themselves if they are offered a good chance. But when they emigrate in bulk wherever they go they are going to bring their own problem with them, so the nations that are forced to accept them should be very careful that they do not end up like the emigrant themselves, and therefore one day their own people are going to emigrate, because they have become poor just like the emigrant that they were supposed to help; I hope that I have explained myself clear enough. Now let us see what their problem might have been and the reasons why they have fallen behind the rest of the world.
What could be the reasons?
First of all when we look at the illegal emigrant in Italy we see that today most of them are African emigrants, this makes us think that perhaps it is the changes of temperature that has impoverished these countries to the point that people have to go to live somewhere else. Therefore first of all, it has been humanity themselves that have brought about this problem, so, if that is the case than we have to be reasonable and we have to help those people that emigrate the best way we can, after all it was us the rest of the world that has caused this global warming; but is it possible that there are several reasons why these people emigrate.
The second in line is the political scene; people belong to one party or another, they struggle for power, the struggle becomes so great that they end up in violence and wars, so there are refugees that run away from their own country, who is to blame here would be hard to say because both sides blame each other; but the rest of the world end up that has to help those refugees on humanitarian grounds.
Why these wars are started is really unbelievable but they are started anyhow, as we know these days there is this war still going on in Iraq, and it is one of the most horrible wars that the world has ever seen, it is so bad that it is hard even to talk about it.  
To be continued