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Modern problems

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Modern worldwide problems

These are African migrants at a detention center, in Zawiya, Libya. They are waiting for their chances to go to Italy or other European countries. The government is struggling to cope with the number of sub-Saharan Africans migrants.

There are many boats full of people from Africa arriving on the Italian coasts just about every day. One may as well ask where are we going to end up?
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Modern worldwide problem
Dear readers of Genzano it blog, this time we are not going to post the post that we said we would, we will be coming back to that later on; but we will be posting this new type of blog post, because the problem that we see coming could and would also affect Genzano itself, so we would like to say how we see what is happening in the world about the refugees or illegal emigrant, and how this could affect us all.
This article are our personal views of the problems that are happening these days in the world; so we would like to have our say by writing this article about illegal emigrant and refugees, because we would like to highlight this modern worldwide problem, hoping that somehow people will be more attentive to this phenomenon of illegal emigrant that force their way into another country.
We all know that we should be more willing to help these people in need, especially if they are real refugees running away from wars and other extreme happenings that rends their place of residence dangerous or useless, but at the same time, we should face the truth and see that we all have a limited capacity to help these people, therefore when that capacity is exhausted, we need to be really careful that we don’t end up in a bad way ourselves and instead of being able to help others we need help ourselves from other people, because we have lost the capacity to be self sufficient.
This is the danger that some parts of world are facing today, we really should try to see where all this illegal emigration might take us, you see sometimes we have reasons to believe that this illegal emigration is a dangerous thing that the world unwillingly allows to go on; it is like invading another country without waging war, but some of us don’t see the danger that these illegal emigrant bring with them.
For instance Italy is decriminalizing clandestine immigration; this seems to give more say to the new arrival of clandestine immigrant, because they are not viewed as criminals just because they are illegal immigrants. Okay that seems very good from the immigrant point of view, but at the same time it encourages other new emigrant to move to Italy. As we all know Italy has only a limited capacity to absorb the influx of emigrant. Therefore the politicians are kidding themselves that they need people to work, in order to pay for the aging pensions and other welfare that the government pays for; but the question here is where is the work that these immigrant can do, when there is no work for the Italians people that are already there?
What we have said above is just a view of how we see this worldwide problem or phenomenon that is happening these days. The worrying part of it is that it seems to increase; in 2013 Italy has had over 40,000 illegal immigrants and this year is increasing, so nobody knows how all this will end. Anyhow let us see what has been happening lately and then we will come back to discuss other financial problems.
More boat people        
This photo above shows people in Libya waiting in this detention centre for a chance to go to Italy, or any other European country.
The Libyan government said that they are struggling with these enormous arrivals of migrating people and would like more aid from EU countries.
There is a report that a boat with 400 people sank and many people are feared dead.      
Looking at what is happening it is hard to say what the receiving countries could do to avoid other consequences that could follow from this overflow of forced emigration, what seems most important here is this that we should try to help the most in need, but we have to keep in mind that we cannot help them all, so we need to find ways about how to slow this emigration down, after all the people that reach Italy and other European nations look well and healthy, so they are not really starving where they come from.
Therefore they could have stayed in the country of origin longer, but that is not all, because not only they come without being invited, and worst of all is that they pretend from the Italian government a house or some sort of accommodation; they have really a twisted view of what is fair for everybody to ask and receive, since they think only about themselves, you see, they don’t see that for whatever the government could be able to distribute to the people, first and foremost there must have been somebody that worked hard to make those things.
 For these reasons of production, all those things that the government might have available should first of all be given to the people that have produced, and then if there is anything left, they would be distributed to the incoming immigrant that have never done anything to produce them. I know that some of you are going to say that I am a hard man, but that is the only way that the world can afford to go on. Now what we have said here is about what is happening in the Mediterranean Sea between Africa and Europe, but there is more as you will see in the article here under.

This is a photo at the border of USA and Mexico, there is really a great difference in the two country, that is the reason why the Mexican want to move to USA.
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Male climbing the border fence, it is really a huge fence here. Well not all the border fence is this huge, it would be very costly to build it, because the border is 3169 Km long if I remember right.
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The USA problem and others
In the article above we have talked about the emigrant problem in Europe, but also the USA has got this sort of problem with the people from Mexico that somehow find the way how to cross the frontier and enter USA, but over there at least the authorities try to stop it, and for this reason it is kept to a minimum and that is a good thing for many reasons. One of these reasons is the danger that they bring with them, because the receiving country may become impoverished and then their people want to move to another country, well I suppose this might not apply to the USA but in general terms this is what could happen.
Now let us leave behind the emigrants that want to move to another country for financial gain, and let us talk briefly about the refugees from war thorn countries. These refugees really need some help and we should give it to them, but here we really should be cautious, we should really screen them to see whether they are refugees that other people have caused to become refugees, or they have taken part in the causing of the wars and refugees that are going on, this is important to know, because they might be those type of people that might cause the same problem wherever they go. We hope you see what we mean. 

The Crusaders was a holy war that accomplished nothing but many people died for the idealism of freeing Jerusalem from the Saracens.
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Risk refugees
Now that we are talking about war refugees let us look at those refugees that bring the most risk to the receiving country. Here you might have a shock to learn that the refugees that bring most risks are those refugees that come from religious wars, any type of these refugees bring danger with them wherever they go, because of their beliefs and because they are trigger happy; we need only to look at past religious wars and other meaningless acts that religious people have caused to understand what we want to say here. Let us just mention a couple of the most senseless things that religious people have done: The crusader is one and the other major one is the inquisition, these two acts have killed thousands of people in the name of God and religion. Therefore those extremist religious fanatics are to be treated with suspicion, we should be really careful to accept them easily in our country. We could say more but this means that we have to point out directly to those religious groups that we think are dangerous and we are not prepared to do that.

The Spanish Inquisition - YouTube

If you don’t know about these two negative religious events of the Crusaders and the Inquisition try to read some of their history. You see today the religious people will avoid mentioning any of these acts. 
Now, here we would like to point out that the problem is not entirely the fault of religions, but it is rather the way that the people use them, this is one of the reasons why we have written our religious writings where we attempt to modify religions in such a way that it would be harder for people to use religions for their own advantages.
That is all for the time being, but we will say more if we need to say more later on.