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Religious personal dreams


Religious dreams are very important dreams, because they can even change a little bit the dreamers' behaviour, when they really believes that they have dreamed a spiritual dream.

Religious dream number 2

Dear readers in this post we are going to write a few religious dreams, starting with, My religious dream number 2
This dream number two is a special short dream, at the end of a long and strange dream that is not worth to write it all here, but then towards the end of the dream it changes and becomes more intense, and there I was struggling with the adversity of life; I have to say here that this dream is written here in order to record my religious dreams,(my religious dreams), it occurred about seven years after my first religious dream, The most important dream of my life. It is a special dream because; when I woke up I felt that I had dreamed a very deep dream, and that I had reached very close to God life-force.
This dream seems to be connected to the first dream because, during my dream I felt that somehow I was invoking God to give me some strength or power, so that I would be able to overcome the awkward situation that I was in, and in doing so, at the end of the dream I seem to have received that extra power.
In this dream, I seem to be standing with people that I know in real life, and somehow I was poorly dressed, so poorly dressed that my clothes were worn out rags, therefore I was feeling ashamed of myself. Therefore I was praying God to help me, and although my prayer was a very strange prayer, I was praying to God Almighty with great faith, since faith was-and-is the only way possible to reach out to God. And these are the phrases that I was praying God with, as they were stuck in my mind when I woke up:
Dress me as you like!…….
Tell me what to do!.......
And I shall obey and do it!
And after praying thus, I seemed to have received some super powers, even my clothes grew up from within themselves, and I became able to float through the air standing up, and while I was floating thus, here and there I would stop to talk and council some people, and they would listen to me and accept my advice happily, because I seemed an important person.

 Dream number 3 and 4

Dreams number 3 and 4.
Dream number 3: In this dream, I seem to go around in many unknown places, some are good and some are not so good. At one stage of my dream I seem to be in danger, because some evil force or people are after me. So, while I run away from this danger, I try to find some safety by knocking at a door, the door opens and an old Lady let’s me in, I felt safe in there, because there were some wise mature people inside, I wanted to thank the Lady for letting me in: But they all seem to smile back at me, as if I knew only half what was going on. So I started looking around to find the reason, and there I see my own mother beside me in company with the old Lady: So I could not help it; (as I was aware in the dream that my mother had passed away a few months before) So I asked my mother: (in my own native language, which translated in English is) Who sends you here to help me? Is it Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary?
This dream ends here and I seem to wake up.
Dream number 4: I had one more dream soon after this dream that I have written above, that is after a couple of nights or there about: and here again it seems that the evil force or evil people are after me, it is because they think that I have in my possession something that’s very important to them, I don’t know what this something is, but they are all after me anyhow. They seem to catch up with me, and I feel that I could not escape from them anymore, so I knew that I was in grave danger because they were the evil ones. So in my despair I turned to heaven and prayed God to help me. There was not a cloud in the sky when I started to pray, but soon two large eyes formed in the sky and they were looking down upon me, and winged at me benevolently, a large and well defined head formed in the sky like a portrait, and this head seemed to fill up most of the sky. At the sight of this God send head figure the evil ones were frozen with fear, and did not move a single step to grab me. So they all stopped in a corner frightened.
(Today I believe that this head figure in my dream may well be our lord Jesus Christ, as we know in religions there is no one more powerful than Jesus Christ that protects people from the evil forces, so, it has to be Jesus.)
At the same time I became aware that, what the evil ones wanted from me did not belong to them or to me, but was something that had to be divided into three parts, and one part of this belonged to mother: The dream did not explain who the mother was, and since it is very unlikely that it would be my mother; then the mother very likely would be mother nature.
After that, when I woke up in the morning, this dream became very important to me, because in the morning I found a red spot on my forehead between my eyes, it was small but it was just like one of those religious people from India make on themselves when they dress up for religious events.
So my question is now: Did I in my dream really call on this heavenly force? And the heavenly force came to help me, and then left a sign on my forehead to let me know who that heavenly force was, and that I should remember the meaning of this dream that I had dreamed.

 God drops a robe over me 19

Spiritual dream number 5
This is another God sent dream that seems to come again on a date that for me would be easy to remember. Since this dream is like “The most important dream of my life” that I dreamed on my daughter birthday, this dream comes on my son birthday. Because of this coincidence one is led to believe that there is really God, or a guiding force that is able to connect the whole cosmic life force that surround the earth, which may very well be where most of our dream come from. 
Anyhow, at the end of this dream, God drops a white robe over me.
My dream is in the night of 28/29th day of April 2002 which happens to be my son Giuseppe’s birthday, again I dreamed one of those God sent dreams.
After dreaming a long dream about a strange place and also strange happenings, at a certain stage of my dream I start feeling that I am in danger. What happened next, it may seem strange but then all dreams are strange, because while I am running away from this danger I start jumping things, I start jumping small things first and then bigger and bigger ones, in fact I start jumping on roofs of small buildings, and then from one small building to another, but the danger seemed to be following me all the time. I start feeling that I may not be able to jump from roof to roof, as the roofs got higher and farther apart: But I had to keep going because on the ground below me things were very hot, so hot that everything was frying, Looking from the top of the roofs were I was, I could see dogs bodies that looked like roasted pork on the pavement, as all the ground seemed to burn but there was no flame. So I kept jumping from roof to roof, until I reached a very large building much larger than all the others, and I knew that this building was safe. But I had to get into this building fast before the heat would reach me, and as I am on the roof of the building next to it, and there was a large window at my level, I had to try to get in through the window, but the window was closed and I was worried that I would not be able to get in, somehow I approach the window, and while I am looking for a way to open the window, and worrying that perhaps I might not be able to open the window, I touched the large window pane while I was saying to myself; O my God I will never be able to open this window: But no sooner the window felt my touch it recognised that I was a person that should be let in, and it opened inward immediately, I got in and falling on my knees I started to pray to God who had just saved me, as in my mind there was no other way, but it had to be God who had made the window open for me.
So, while I am praying God on my knees thus, I looked around and saw a very large man, and I knew that this man was God; He looked at me with a benevolent smile and dropped a white robe over me. I felt very pleased that God had dropped this white robe over me, even though, I don’t know what it might mean.
Here my dream starts to fade away.
Anyhow these are some of the spiritual dreams that I remember to have dreamed, of course there are a lot more, but they don’t seem very important, so I will stop here because I believe that we have said already enough in this post.
So see you in our next post with another dream and the meaning of these dreams.

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Religious personal dreams
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