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What could those dreams mean

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This is reality dreamland, as this building really exists and in it we can find very enjoyable things.
Dreamland, as in the land of dreams and fantasies, dreams are really just another expression of our inner self, and dreams come in many shapes and forms. As we can dream any sorts of dreams that exist only in our dreaming fantasy.

What could those dreams mean?
As we have said in our last post, there are a lot of people that believe that dreams may indeed be messages from the other side, or something similar. So, let us suppose that the dreams that we dream really have a message for the dreamer! Then: What could a certain dream mean to a certain person?
I don’t think that anybody could answer that positively, because the same dream may have a different meaning to a different person; first of all we all have slightly different beliefs and it is the way that we believe that affects our dream most, if we believe that the dreams come from the other side and that is just one of the reasons that their meanings would be different. But that is not the only reason, next reason is because the person that is telling the dream has got to take into consideration also his own feelings while he is dreaming, because I believe that his/her feelings are the most important part to consider understanding dreams: that is if one wants really to understand dreams. But the feelings of a dreamer can’t be passed on easily, and for this reason it is very hard to understand other people dreams, as they seem to be all over the place and meaningless to the listener. Because each individual has his own way of dreaming, and also of understanding dreams, and therefore he will dream his dreams according to his own beliefs and imagination, and it is for this reasons, that only the dreamer himself is the person that is most capable of understanding his own dreams.
There are some rules of course on how to know what your dreams might mean: But I haven’t tried to learn this rules that somehow seem to exist in understanding dreams. So when I speak about the meanings of dreams, I speak only about my own life experience and what my mother and my grandma have told me when I was young, and also a few stories that I have heard around.
However, I believe that there could be some meanings in dreams, because if I dream a certain dream at night, and the day after something happens that seems very similar to my dream, I have to accept that my dream has foretold me the happening; What else can I do, and for that matter what else one would do?
I know that it is only afterward when something has taken place, that we are able to say that what has taken place is very much the same as our dream, and therefore we believe that, that particular dream was meant to foretell us the oncoming event.
So, it is events like these that will make us always wonder and ask the questions, whether the dreams that we dream are really there to foretell us the future. And if they are: What could we do about it? Could we find an advantage by knowing the meanings of our dreams?
Perhaps we could.

 Understanding dreams for ourselves

So, here are a few of the questions that one has to ask oneself in order to understand dreams:
(1) Let us start looking at the dreams that we dream.
(2) Let us ask ourselves what sort of dreams are they.
(3) Let us ask ourselves why we do dream such dreams.
So, what sorts of dreams I generally dream?
Are my dreams happy dreams, or are they sad dreams?
Do I feel secure while I dream, or do I feel threatened?
Are there friendly people with me, or are they hostile?
Can I move freely in my dreams, or I have to struggle to move?
Am I alone in a large open space, or am I in a maze wanting to find my way out?
When a dreadful dream ends, does it end because I wake up from fear? Or does it end because I have somehow overcome the dangerous obstacles and the dream just finishes, and I wake up just because it is time to wake up.
So, we can keep asking ourselves many more questions like these: But in the end we will have only a confused idea about what our dreams could really mean.
But in this sort of dreams, one could also assume that the degree that the dreamer feels in the dreams; of happiness or sadness; of security or threat; of friendliness or hostility, and whatever else one can feel, could really be the way that one feels within oneself in real life. And there are times that the dreamer is aware of it, or becomes aware if he/she reflects about the dreams.
Therefore these dreams can be said to be of a psychological nature, because they deal about our thinking and what we feel within our own mind, whether we are aware of it or not makes no difference, because while we dream our mind reviews and tries to find an acceptable explanation about our feelings and anything else that seems to be our problem.
So, all these sorts of dreams suggest that while we are sleeping our mind is not completely resting: but it is reviewing our life and our past, so that it can adjust our thoughts in such a way that they would make sense to our own mind, in order to file them in its own way and be in peace with itself. Well, we may have to accept that after dreaming specially if they are good dreams, we feel more relaxed and happy, because our mind is in peace with itself, since it has filed those things that have happened the day before.
But there are some dreams that cannot be explained as in the above explanation, and they don’t seem to belong neither to the body nor to the mind of the dreamer: But they seem to come from an outside force, which is capable to influence our minds while we are sleeping, perhaps our minds can really listen to messages from the cosmos when we are sleeping, through our own sixth sense; or our subconscious mind could really be tuning-in in a different dimension, since this is the only time when our mind is free and therefore capable of doing it, or can it be our ancestors’ souls that are trying to communicate something to us, so in our next post we are going to talk about, Dreams from the other side.

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