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Story of my life

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Dear readers, now that we have told you how I felt during my entire life, because of the pains that were in my heart in our last posts that I called, Crying out loud, now let me tell you more about my farm life, and then, let me tell you what I have done during my whole life starting from my first job in the farm with the intention of telling you the whole story of my life. You see I feel that I am one of the few people left in the world that is willing to tell you this story of my life, because I would like to tell you this story about how the world was young and what we did then, so that a record can be kept even if it is going to be just a simple record of my life.
What I want to point out here is that everything is changing so fast these days that people don’t take the time to record those changes, for this reason lots of ways of life in the past will be lost as nobody has written about them, but I believe that it is good to know, perhaps just to compare the ways of life of those days and today. Speaking for myself I can compare the ways of life that I have lived myself, to the ways of life that my forbears were telling me and then to the ways of life that we are living today.
Therefore, if I continue to write about my farm life including some of the old practice that the old people used then, even if some of them may seem strange to you, it is a record of how people used to live then in their simple farm lives, so I hope you are willing to follow me in my life journey? 
Dear readers, the first thing that I want to say, do not feel sorry for me for having lived a hard life in the farms, because even today there are people in the poor countries that would be worse than we were then, you see, even today there are people that go hungry and thirsty, so think about them and if any of you/us are in a position that can help, then try to help them; you see to feel sorry for me today is useless because nothing can be done as it is in the past, but anyhow let me tell you the story of  the first job in the farm.
When I went to work in our small family farm as a youth, I had just turned eleven and the first job that I did was looking after a small flock of sheep, which included also a ram and a couple of goats; I had to do that job because the lad that my family had hired to look after the sheep left us suddenly, so I had to replace him for a few months until we were able to sell the small flock of sheep, as it was becoming too hard to keep. It was a very boring job to take the sheep out in the fields to graze twice a day, I had to mind them that they would not graze in fields that didn’t belong to us, or fields which there was a crop still growing, I had to take them out early in the morning and then in the afternoon for a few hours each time, because this is how the sheep are grazed over there in summer times. Then when the town’s Fair was held we were able to sell the small herd of sheep, but I had to continue to stay in the farm helping with the other farm animals.
So that one can have an idea of what sort of life I had to live in the farm when I was young, I will start by trying to describe to you how a day in the farm was spend doing those chores; And I am going to start with those days when there was not much to do.
So let me tell you first of all, about a day in wintertime when all the main works of sowing had been done, and we were so to speak resting and waiting for better weather and longer days. Those were the days which we were just looking after the farms animals, and did some odd jobs around the farm.  This I am going to tell you in my next post. See you there.

Genzano it story
Story of my life; 
Next time with a new post, A winter day in the farm
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