Thursday, May 9, 2013

We have a story to tell


We have a story to tell
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And this post , we have a story to tell

Grandma here is reading a story, but she could easily tell her own life stories, because every one of us has a story to tell. 

We have a story to tell

We believe that every man or woman has a story to tell, no matter how important it is, even if it is not important at all. As you can see in our last post, we sometimes behave in strange ways; my own judgement here is that, perhaps it may be worth behaving in such a deceitful way, because in order to live as well as one can, one must be in control of oneself, and also be able to tell the people your own story.
Having said that and knowing that perhaps there are people that could be interested to hear my life story, I am looking around me to see who is still listening to me, and I see that you are all nice people here with me. So, I hope that within yourselves you are happy with your own way of life that you are living now, and the way that you are living your life overall. I hope that the way that you are living your life is good for you for your own sake, because sometimes life can be very boring up to the point where it may become painful; this is when things don’t go the right way, which is the way that one wants them to go. And here I have to admit that I happen to be in such painful position myself very often: And when this happens to me I am going through one of those grey days, and my life is boring and seems to be at a standstill. So, I feel so frustrated about my life that I have to ask myself. O my God! Why life has got to be so hard and boring for me these days? What have I done to deserve this? Why don’t I have the chance like everybody else to enjoy life as it should be enjoyed? And many other hard questions come to mind.
Therefore, I feel that life has not given me what by rights I should have deserved from it, and for this reason I can’t help thinking about life itself, and the ways that I am spending my life these days, together with the way that I have spend the earlier part of my life, so, I keep asking myself whether life has really treated me the right way. Or should I have really deserved a better life?
Then I think: I suppose that lots of other people of my age are going over their own lives just like me, and they may well be asking themselves; what is life all about? And whether life has treated them fair enough for that matter, so, they are looking back at that part of life that they have already lived, and wonder about whether life has been good for them or not, and they might have the impression that: That part of life that they have already lived now seems only a dream, a dream that has lasted for so many years, but now all those years have gone forever and they never will come back, so now for them, all that is left of their lives is a story to tell, if they can find the time to tell their story, and if they find somebody that will listen to their story.
So, every man and woman has a story to tell; no matter how unimportant it may seem, and how stupid and ridiculous it may sound, when they tell it to you. But, because it is their life story it is very important to them, and they can’t change it because it is their true life story. But if one listens to their true life story even if it is not much of a story, in the end it may bring up some good common sense to some of us, and one can always learn something useful from their true story, if one takes the time and listens to their true life story, even if their story is not much of a story.
This is all for this post and next time I am going to tell you more about my life, see you then
 Genzano it story
We have a story to tell 
Next time with stories about my life
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