Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello my world

Welcome to my blog, Genzano it story
and this post, Hello my world


 Hello my world
Welcome to my post
Dear readers, let me break away from my farm life story just for this post and we will return to it later on, because I want to tell you just how I felt after I left the farm, you see this story that I am telling you has two sides, one is what I did and the other is how I felt during and after that time that I spent in the farm. Here I have to tell you that I am sorry to tell you that I have felt hurt my entire life, just because I had to live my early life in the farm without even knowing  the consequences that could follow from this type of living , so even today my inner self wants to cry out aloud, and so express myself with the knowledge that I have painfully acquired later in my life; you see, in doing what I am going to do and say hereunder, I would like to throw away my shyness forever and never look back at those drawbacks that I had early in my life; so I would like to come into the world and be able to say what I want to say, and therefore break away from the past  forever, introduce myself to the world and here is what I would like to say with a loud voice!

Hello world!         Hello life!        Hello everybody!

And a great and warm “Hello” To all those who are very close to me and love me!
Reader and listeners will you excuse me! And I hope that you will listen to me!
Because I would like very much to say to you that I would like to be friendly with you, since we all seem to be going the same way, in our present earthly life.
So, I hope that you will allow me to be your friend; because it seems to me that many of you over here look very friendly to me. I hope that I am right and that you are very friendly people. So may I ask, if I may have the pleasure of your company?
I hope that you don’t mind me if I ask some questions which have come to my mind, and I hope that my dropping in on you will not upset you in any way, I also hope that you don’t mind me personally, as I am very keen to be your friend, so I would like to meet you all, or at least all those that are thinking that they can be friendly with me. Since I would like to share some of my time with you, and also some of my very personal views, that is, if you choose to stand by me and you don’t mind listening to me, as I want to talk about a few things that are on my mind at the present time, and which in realty effect all of us during our life.
Usually I don’t like to be a show off or anything of that sort, but because I have made up my mind to be a different man, and be a man of the world that is able to live his life the best way possible, so, because it is the first time that I have met you, I would like to introduce myself the proper way and make your acquaintance personally. So, I would like to shake your hand to each one of you, and while I shake your hand, I might say, “How do you do” To Mr Y. or X. and no matter who you are; when we used to introduce yourselves we said; “How do you do!” And then, in order to be polite to each and every one of us, we used to bent low and say again, “How do you do!” and “How do you do!” again. This is how it was done in the good old bygone days, as we all very well know nowadays.
Having said that, now allow me to introduce myself in a modern and simple way.
My full name is, “Francesco Menchise” but everybody here calls me Frank, and Frank sounds good and friendly to me, and it is easy to say; so, just call me Frank and let it be, as it will be easy for you and me.
Now that I have introduced myself in a modern and mannerly way, may I ask you your names please? So that you can also introduce yourself, and then we can be friends; I’d like to shake your hand to each one of you, and while I shake your hands I will say, “I am pleased to meet you!” You may answer me, “I am pleased to meet you too.” Or if you wish you may say, “The pleasure is mine.”
(Here I need to explain the reason of my introduction and why I have done it. I have written this introduction in my writing, in order to give it the importance it deserves in real life. And I believe that it is very important that all children be though and drilled, on how to introduce themselves properly from their parents and teachers. Not only in the way that I have done it above, where it might seem perhaps aggressive: But let the introductions be done in several other ways as it is supposed to be done in real life. So that the children will be ready when a real introduction happens and they will feel secure of themselves. Otherwise they will feel awkward and shy, and they will feel that they have put themselves in a disadvantaged position.)
Now that we have introduced ourselves to each other, and I am so pleased to have met you all; May I be allowed to have a friendly talk with you?
Just to start to talk and say something, I would like to start with a simple everyday talk, which people talk about everyday of their lives, and I would like to tell you how I feel, when I see the way that we behave nowadays, because I believe that we behave in a strange and unreal way. This observation that I have made during my life, I would like to point it out to you to prove my point. But in order to do that I would like to ask you a friendly question; it is a question that anybody would ask you out of politeness, and sometimes this question may take the place of a polite greening. But strange as it may seem, everybody usually gives the same answer to this question or greeting. You may not believe me of course, but here is the proof of what I have just said.
And this question that sound like a greeting would usually be: How are you? Or perhaps: How are you today?
And I am sure that you will all answer me; I am very well, thank you. Or perhaps you’ll say, I am well, or I am fine, or I feel great, or I feel as good as gold thanks very much.
And then just to be polite to me you’ll ask me back. And how are you today? (And then you’ll expect from me very much the same answers that you have given me.) I am very well, thank you. Or I am fine. I am as good as gold thanks, and so on. This seems to me unreal, so I am going to write something later on about how we behave. 
Genzano it story
Hello my world 
Next time with, the way we behave
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