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Was this my life destiny

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Was this my life destiny?
Dear readers, in my last post I was talking about our destiny, so I wonder if we really have our own destiny, because I believe that we might have a sort of destiny, so let me tell you about my life or my destiny, I have written a few other things, but now let me go back to tell my story wondering about my own destiny, and why I had to live a hard life. 
Therefore now I am going back to my life story, starting from the time when I had to live school and go to help in the farm, I was about eleven years old when I went to work in the farm; today you may find that at that age one is just too young to work, but in those times that was the way that most people accepted as being normal. I know that it was unfortunate for me just because I and a few other young men were going to be the last of this old way of life, so to speak. 
So, let me tell you about my life.
My dear readers this is my life story, so I can tell the story of my life as many times as I want and the way I want to tell it, just because it is my own life story; some people may think that I might have copied my life story from somewhere else, but I can assure you that I have not and if it resembles somebody else story it is just a coincidence. You see, I am not copying it from anywhere or from anybody, because it is just my life story, and if it happens to be similar to another one of my life story, or to somebody else life story; does it really matter? You see I have only one life to live and if I want to be true to myself and the rest of the world I have to tell it just the way it is, so there is no ways that similarities can be completely avoided. So, let me start telling you, my farm life experience as I lived it. 
I would have liked to go straight to the point, and tell you all about my own personal life experience in the farm, which is the most important experience during my young life, and which I ought to tell you; since it is my first experience in the real world, and therefore the most important one, since it has affected me for the rest of my life adversely, because I was placed in a disadvantaged position. At the same time I cannot help to wonder how today people would like to find themselves in such a disadvantaged position as I was. So, I ask myself would they have enough positive thinking to overcome the hard life that is thrown at them, or would they just protest as it is usually done these days; I wonder what they would do. I know that life means to us whatever we want life to mean to us. I believe that we need to be positive during our life that is what we have to do. My own life is a very good example, as you can see, just because I have been positive during my life, today in my old age I am even able to write hubs in Hub pages in a language that is not my mother tongue, I hope you see what I mean?
Now that I have explained the position that I am in today, which is a sharp contrast to the ways I have been living when I was young, I believe that I have to describe to you first of all what the farms were like in those days, and how the farmers used to run them in a traditional manner at the time when I was young. And I want also to point out to you that, the farmers and their workers were then and are still nowadays the most important contributors of the welfare of this rural town of Genzano di Lucania.
Life can be very hard sometime
Today I always wonder when I see young people struggling, while they are really living in the middle of plenty, but I suppose they do not see it that way, so they want you to believe that they are living a hard life. Therefore then, I cast my mind back to the times when I was young and I wonder what is wrong with the youths today, why they do not see all the good things around them.
Having said that now let me tell you why life was harder when I was young, especially for those youths that like myself ended in a disadvantaged position when we were very young: not only we were in a disadvantaged position and working just to earn a living, but we were not appreciated from the rest of the community, only because we were not as good as the rest of the community in our communication skills, owing to the fact that we were living an isolated life in the farm, where communication skills are not taught and we didn’t ware flashy garments to show off, when we went to town and met the young town people, who seemed so clever well dressed and they knew everything that there was to know.
The reason that I have told you this is that, it explains better how I felt then and how I feel even now about my life in the farm in those days, and I hope that there is no misunderstanding that this was a hard and boring life, because I want to point out that my life experience in the farm has a very clear meaning to anybody that happens to read my life story.
But there is another side of this story, because what I have just said makes me reflect about what the elders of my time were telling me, which was in effect that life was much harder when they were young; this makes me think and ask myself: is this the ways that life looks like when we get old? Or it is indeed that the way of life is changing for the better; I will let you my dear readers decide for yourself, when you read my next few hubs, where I will continue to talk about my farm life experience. 
Genzano it story
Was this my life destiny? 
Next time with another chapter of my life story. 
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