Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My life story

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My life story begins
As I said in my last post of, Every one of us has a story to tell, so I was going to tell you, my life story, where I said that this blog is also going to discuss other issues as well, so, let us start again from the very beginning, so that we can state what these writing could be here for, because this old man would like to talk also of his later views in life. I know that this may seem like jumping from one subject to another, but this is how life works out sometimes. So, these writings of, Old man life story together with the other pages of this blog are being created also to discuss ways on how we can discuss and reach reconciliation on many subjects. The word key here is to discuss and reconcile, since, any other ways may well be futile for the future benefit of all humanity.
In these post writings we will ask people what they think about any issues being discussed in here, while we present them with what is happening in the world nowadays; and as I said, at the same time we intend also to somehow compare the old times way of living to the hectic nowadays living.
In a way this will give us a broader base to discuss about, and also make the subject more interesting. The Old man life story or my life story writings which we will be using to compare belong to me, and also sometimes some of my friends have a say, since we have lived much the same life, I have to say that these writings have partly been published in other blogs and we want to continue to publish them, so let us hope that it works well.
As we have already said, in these writings of my life story we want to tell you an Old man life story, a man life from his early youth to nowadays, we want to do this, so that we may be able to compare today ways of life to the old ways of life, in the hope of finding something that may help us understand better what is happening nowadays, and why we behave in certain ways. So, we are going to tell you this Old man story about this old man, who started to live his life before major changes occurred.
As I said, we would like to do this while we try to compare the old ways of living to nowadays living.

Can you just imagine how people lived 60 or 70 years ago? I suppose you can’t.
So, let us follow this old man story when he talks about when he was young; so that we may be able to see his story and be able to compare this old man story to the present nowadays living and their problems, which usually would be different from the old times.
This old man story has been written from me and a friend of mine and it has never been completely published. I and my friend as the writers of this, Old man life story have agreed to use this story here to help ourselves with our on line writings. We hope it works out well.
We have to say that people these days have a lot more challenges to cope with, as the ways of life have changed very quickly, this is one of the reasons that sometimes old people seem out of touch with the younger generation. It is the sign of the present times and we are not able to do much to improve the situation between these generations, so, we have just to wait and see what happens next.
As we all know, today humanity is facing many problems, just to mention a couple here, one of this is global warming, the other seems to be religious beliefs, since there are many nasty things done in the name of religions, therefore we need to do something about them soon, or they may indeed change the face of the earth forever. As we have said there are also major religious issues that come up every now and then, my views about these religious issues is that we need to find a way how to deal with them, therefore, this will or could also be discussed in these posts.
In my life story, let us try to write down this old man story, who talks about his experience of life and the way he lived when he was young!
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My life story;
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