Saturday, June 16, 2012

The life duty of any man

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Posting, The life duty of any man.
The life duty of any man
Allow me to move away for the main purpose of this blog, which is to talk about Genzano as its title suggests, because I would like to talk just for a moment about the people that come from Genzano, you see I come from Genzano and therefore I am a Genzanese, now the people of Genzano have their own beliefs and I believe that they are all good citizen and believe in God; I am saying this because I am also going to talk about religious things in this post of the life duty of any man.
What is the life duty of any man we should ask here, you see; while we are talking about religions, we cannot avoid asking why man believes in religions, what we really know about religions? If we happen to know anything at all, should we let the world know what we know, in other words, is it our duty to let the rest of the world know what we think could be helpful to know? In other words, what is the life duty of any man?
This article hereunder I have written it before somewhere else, but I feel the need to repeat it here, so that we may have an explanation of what I am trying to say.
So, what is the life duty of any man can be explained thus:
When a man (or woman) is born receives this gift of life from God in conjunction with Mother Nature, all this is achieved through and from his/her parents as we all know, since this is the only natural way for life to continue indefinitely. This gift of life that this man has received from God, (Mother-Nature etc.) he should Endeavour to guard dearly during his own life with all his inner will and his physical strength, as life is a very precious gift that he has received, especially in God’s eyes since I believe that God is the life giver of all existing life.
Therefore, a man must try to live his own life well, or at least as good as his parents have done before him, and if he can, he must try to improve the standard of life that he has received from them, these improvements that he may have made should be passed on to his children, so that the next generation that comes through him and from him will have a better standard of life than he has had during his own life.
Now just because this blog is called Genzano it, it is natural that we want to talk about Genzano and its citizens, and I being born in Genzano di Lucania, I want to point out that these Genzano people do their duty, and therefore are willing to do their duty of good citizens.  
Now let me go back to what I was saying before. Having described above what the life duty of any man would be, and believing every word that I have said above, there is no way that I can avoid to do my duty for the improvement of future generations, if I want to feel that my life has been worthwhile living; otherwise I will feel that life has passed me by and I have not done anything important, or contributed anything at all for the improvement of future generations.
Therefore now, I have to start thinking what I could and should do to achieve my goal, in order to do my duty and try to improve what I have received from life and what I have learned from life, so that I may have a record of it, and then see which way it can be used for the benefit of mankind. I believe that the best way to do this is to start writing down most of my own life observations including my religious beliefs, since we are going to talk here about religions and religious beliefs; I have to write my religious beliefs in such a way that they could be understood and would make sense to whosoever might read them. I know that my own life experiences and my life observations of religious beliefs that I am going to write here might seem a bit strange to some reader; but what can I do if life sometimes is a bit strange? I can do nothing about it, except to tell you the way it is, and the way that I see it. So, if I have to do my duty in order to improve what I have received from life, I am going to tell you my own life experiences to start with, even if my life experience is going to be boring and might seem strange at times, as I am sure that my life experiences are going to seem strange to you sometime, so much so that one would think that they may be like a metamorphose. But, because a man has got to do what a man has got to do I am going to do it anyhow; so may God help me/us!
This is the life duty of any man