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The Italian problem of today

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The Italian problem of today
This map of Italy, shows you how close is Italy. to the coast of Africa. So, it is easy for the illegal emigrant to try to come to Italy by boat. This is creating a real problem, because there are too many emigrant, as we all know from the news. In fact during last week there were 15 thousands new arrival. When will this stop one may ask? And will Italy be able to cope with all these illegal emigrants?

Italy position and population

The Italian problem of today, exists because Italy is a peninsula in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, so, it is easy for the refugees to come to Europe going through Italy. We believe that this is the main reason why so many refugees or illegal emigrants arrive in Italy every day, and sometime even thousands of them can come in just one day, other times just a few, but it is a problem that might never end, unless we of the western wold are able to find a solution. Therefore, we should be concerned about it, since it might bring lots of other problems. 
We have reasons to believe that Italy cannot cope with this incoming of refugees for long, so, something might happen that will show us this weakness soon. What is happening now is this, Italy accept these illegal emigrant or refugees on humanitarian grounds, they even go to help them when they get in trouble in their boats on their way to Italy, but there are just too many of them arriving every day; so it is a never ending problem. Most of the western world is worried about these refugees’ issues, but they don’t know what to do to stop them.
Let me point out this to you briefly, since I have written the first part of this article, there have been several terrorist attacks that involves illegal emigrants and refugees, but that is not all; for instance, today on the Italian news, we have seen the eternal city of Rome full of uncollected rubbish in the streets. This is another problem that the refugees will produce, since there are more people, there will be more rubbish. Now the rubbish can be collected, but where to take this rubbish will be the problem of the future. We will talk about this when we come back to this in a few days. 
Today I am editing this article, so, I can add other things that have happened since last time I wrote this article. There has been an earthquake in central Italy, where near three hundred people have died. At the same time, in a few days about 15 thousand refugees have arrived in Italy. It is very warring, therefore, I feel sad for the Italian people, since they have to cope with this other disaster. So, in the world there are also more problems every day, that is all one can think about.
The Italian problem of today
As we have talked at the beginning of this article, there are many illegal migrants in the world today; they are illegal migrant because they forcefully go everywhere, even when they are not wanted at all; here I am afraid that I have to say that when they do this forceful migrating they could easily upset the way of life of the people that are forced to receive them against their will; but let us see what could be the causes of this migration, and then extend our search to what could be the outcome of this forceful emigrants that come in unwanted, because I am worried that something nasty might happen in southern Italy soon.
The causes of this unwanted illegal migrating, it is that these refugees are in search of a better life, there are many reasons for that, but above all of them is poverty, sometimes poverty is so bad that people could even starve to death, now that is really when people are very poor and they are forced to find a way how they would be able to feed themselves; here the rest of the world that are better off should really try to help them and there is no question about it.
But on the other hand there are people that are not that poor and they want more because they are greedy, they may start to believe that the rest of the world is better off than they are and therefore they want to grab whatever the others have, and this seems to be the main problem that the entire world is facing today.
Anyhow here we want to talk about the Italian problem, mainly because I am an Italian that has emigrated from southern Italy, and therefore in this article I would like to talk about Italy and my native town and the surrounding towns and countryside. So we would like to start thinking and imagining what could be like in the future to live in southern Italy, in these towns with all these new migrant coming in. But first of all who are these emigrant we have to ask and why they are migrating.
This is the main thing that worries me. These people that are arriving as refugees in Italy and other parts of Europe, they don’t seem to me that they are not able to feed themselves well, in their own country of origin. So, feeding themselves does not seem to be the real problem for these people. Therefore, what other problems they might have one should ask.
Before we are able to answer that question, we would like to define the sort of refugees we are talking about here. There are at least two types of refugees, the real refugees are those people that are forced to run away from a natural disaster or war. The rest of them are not real refugees, they are illegal emigrants that are looking for opportunities to live a better life.
Now, there is nothing wrong for people wanting to live a better life, if the better life they are looking for is hard work, and this hard work is easily available in the country they emigrate, but if they are looking for a better life, just because they believe that the people in the country they have emigrated are better off, just because they have heard that in their country of origin, then there will be great problems. These problems that they could cause, it is the reason why I am concerned.
We could say many other refugee’s things, but we are not going to, as we are stopping here and leave our concerns to the Italian people that are still live there. I feel that at least I have said what I needed to say about my concerns.
I believe that we have said enough in this post, so see you in our next post, where we are going to start with my life story.
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The Italian problem of today
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