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Concerned about the mafia

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Concerned about the mafia
Today the mafia is different from their beginning they are mostly criminals, here is one colourful mafia person, Al Capone, a very colourful American criminal of the thirties. Today all the mafia people are criminals. Since they don't play any part in helping others 
Concerned about the mafia

About the refugees and the mafia

Dear readers, even though I have called this post, concerned about the mafia, I have to say that it should have been called, we should be concerned about the refugees and the mafia. Anyhow, in the last two articles we have been talking about, the earthquake in central Italy that has destroyed many houses, for this reason, the people affected have nowhere to live and they have become refugees, in their own country. So, they are very much like the illegal emigrants, which are also refugees, even though they are coming from outside Italy. Anyhow, we have talked about these two sorts of refugees, because they both concern the Italian economy, as they both need money and other things to solve them. We could say that these are two negative issues, which need to be talked about, if we want to solve these problems the best way we can. Today these problems exist in Italy and in other parts of the world as well, even though they might need a different approach to solve them. But let us see what we think it could be done to minimize the negative outcome.
We know already that the Italian government has promised to rebuild all the buildings’ that have been damaged from the earthquake. So, that is already something positive to start with. Now under normal circumstance and given time, with the knowledge that we have nowadays, these problems could be solved properly, but it might not be that easy because of the existing mafia in Italy. 
In my personal views and I am sure that I am not alone in understanding this issue of the mafia; the way I understand it is this; whenever in Italy there are large sums of money to be spent, soon enough the Italian mafia wants a share of this money, which is an act so low and disgusting and as an Italian, I start feeling ashamed of being one, because of this low moral that the mafia has now. I know that today the Italian mafia are only criminals and they want only to grab as much money as they can; but the mafia has not been like that all the time, in fact, even today the word mafia to the Sicilians and other regions near Sicily the word mafia means a person or a group of people that are fearless and are not letting anybody take them for fools, they are also a bit of an authority, as we are going to explain hereunder in this article.
But before we do that, let us mention also that Italy has this other problem of the illegal refugees, so, we are going to say something about this issue also, we hope that we can write a few things down, which would highlight the problems they can cause, hoping that during our discussions we could suggest something that would be useful. We will write about this in this article as well, since this is the reason why I have been writing our last few articles and if necessary, we will write even more articles.
Talking about the mafia
Now, let us talk first about the mafia, because this could be a real concern in Italy. The mafia of today is different from the original mafia, that is the reasons why some old people see the mafia a bit different from being just plain criminals. The mafia origin is very old, just like the history of Sicily is very old where the mafia organization began. To understand the mafia origins, one needs to go back in history and try to understand the way of life that the people in Sicily had to live with. Because Sicily is an island right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea it has been invaded many times, so, every new ruler imposed their own way of dictatorship, which most times made the Sicilians people suffer. But the Sicilians are strong willed people and proud to be Sicilian, so they would always try to have also their own rules, like another government within the ruling government. They were sometimes doing this together with the ruling government of the day, at other times they were sort of rebels that would help the people that were suffering from the government rules.
There were times in the past, when we could say that the old mafia has played a part and has been a sort of Sicilian government for the people of Sicily, which had its own rules, and most times they would oppose those foreign rules that would hurt the Sicilian people. Well that is the good part of the mafia in the old days, of course there were also bad things done, but that is a different story, today we want only to compare the old good mafia with today criminal mafia, which does completely nothing positive for the Sicilian people, or any other community that they happen to be in.
But let us go back to the reason why we are talking about the mafia in this article. We are talking about it, because we are afraid that the criminal mafia of today, does not do anything at all to help the native people, in fact they are so selfish that instead of helping those people that need help, they rob them of the help the government or other institutions provide for these people. So, in my opinion they should be ashamed of themselves, because they do not provide any service to the community that need help, like they might have done in the past. Therefore, today to look at the mafia as an organization that the people might accept is impossible, they should be seen only as criminal, because this is as low as the mafia of today has become, they are just plain criminals.
It is a well-known fact that wherever is money to be spent, the mafia pretends a share of it, they do not provide any services or any help at all, as they did or pretended to do in the past, they only tell the people to give them a share of it, or you will be killed. What sort of people are these, that rob the poor people that want to do the right things and those that need help? We hope that the Italian authorities can catch them soon enough and neutralize them by throwing them in jail or something else. So, that the people that should work to rebuild the buildings damaged from the earthquake are left in peace and can do a good job, without worrying about the mafia people.
We could say a lot more about the mafia and the problems that concerns the people that have lost their houses, and they have become refugees in their own country, and how we see the problem that the Italian government is facing to fix their houses, including the control of the mafia. Anyhow, we want to keep this article brief, so we should move on. Because we would also like to say something about the other refugees that come from overseas, as this is also a problem that Italy is facing today and we need to be concerned about it too.
Concerns about the overseas refugees
We would like to say something about the refugees that come from overseas, because we think that they could cause many problems in Italy in the future, so we would like to point out what we see coming. So, let us start from the ways they are coming, which is not right, because most of them are not real refugees, they are just people that want to find a better life, just because they believe that there is a better lifer to be found. 
What is usually happening is that they want to go to Europe because they have learned from their friends that have already moved there that in Europe the standard of life is a lot better than in their own native land, so, whether they are real refugees that have been displaced from catastrophic events, like wars or another natural event, or they are just wanting to try this new life anyhow, they move in large numbers from many countries. The worrying part is that they are moving in very large numbers, so, it is hard for the countries that takes them in to cope with all these illegal emigrants, so, they are causing already and they are likely going to cause lots of problems, not only when they arrive, but also in the future.
Some people still think that it might be okay to take them in and help them; well we should say that on humanitarian grounds we should really take them in and help them. But at the same time, we should also look if in the long run, they would cause unforeseen problems to the countries that they have moved in, which we believe that there are going to be many problems, so, we wish that this illegal emigration should be stopped if possible, or at least discouraged, but some people don’t see it this way, so, instead of discouraging them they write articles that would encourage them to go to Europe, like an article that I found on the internet, which I am going to quote some of it here-under.
Here are some benefits of living within the European Union:
Easy relocation to another country within the EU without the need to emigrate. In some countries, you may need to register and you may have to have an income or a job, but that is all about it.
Then, he goes on telling other things and the freedom you could have, if you live in Europe to visit many countries and makes a list of them. The twenty member countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom until it moves out in 2018.
Then this writer continues to explore the benefits for the people that live in the European Union, and the choice that they have, so for me that I see problems ahead is somehow upsetting and I wish he did not write that.
Anyhow, I could say a lot more about my own views, but I believe that this article is becoming too long, so I will write about these issues that are worrying me in our next article.
See you soon.

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