Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The fountain Cavallina twilight story

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Cavallina fountain twilight story
This is the fountain Cavallina in Genzano di Lucania as seen from above. There are a lot of stories about this fountain. In the beginning of Genzano history this might have been a fountain and an amphitheatre as well during the Roman times. Because the fountain water supply is collected nearby, there are reasons to believe that a sort of fountain has been there since the very beginning of the existence of Genzano.

The white rabbit, it was a white rabbit like this one that we were chasing that night. Anyhow there are many stories about the white rabbit being a ghost not only in Genzano but all around the world. So that night we might have been chasing a ghost instead of a rabbit.

Fountain Cavallina twilight story

Welcome to our post of, personal twilight zone stories, this is going to be just another one of my own life stories that I am telling our readers, which together with some other life stories that we are writing in blogger form my entire personal life story, of course to these stories we are adding our personal activities during my life like building and bricklaying.
Anyhow let us start now, with our twilight zone story.
Believe it or not, this is what has happened to me and some of my friends, one night at an ancient fountain of my native town of Genzano the Lucania. Anyhow this might not be the best story to tell, but it is one of the true stories of my life, and I cannot change it, because if I do then I would not be telling the real story of my life.
So let me tell you this story that I call, Cavallina fountain twilight story;
As we all know, wherever you go in the world where there are ancient buildings or just places with a history of their own, and in Genzano di Lucania there are some old places too with a history of their own. With these old places old folks always seem to come up with ghostly stories of this place or that place being haunted, because some strange things seem to happen. So, my native town of Genzano has also these ghostly stories, because old people say that these things exist and have happened to some of them. So let us see if there are reasons to believe them, therefore, let me tell you a story that has happened to me and to some my friends and other things that seem strange enough to believe that these things really exist, here under is my story and what really happened that night and why.
Now, before I start telling you this story, we need to say that my mother grandma and other elders of the town of Genzano kept telling us not to go alone to this town fountain called Cavallina when it was dark, but as we all know young people sometimes do not believe their elders and want to find out if what they say is true, and so did I and some of my friends one night.
But before I tell you my twilight story at this fountain, let me tell you why I would like to do that, dear readers in our last few posts we have been talking about the town where I came from and its ancient fountain called Cavallina. You see, because I was talking about Genzano town and this fountain I have remembered a particular ghostly event and also a dream that I had about this fountain and other creepy happenings and ghostly stories about this fountain; so, I would like to tell you some stories that I personally was involved about this fountain, not only at the time when I was young but also later on in my life. So I hope you would like to hear them, I am also going to add some other personal view about ghostly personal events, but let us start with this fountain twilight zone.

The fountain twilight zone

As we have said above, when I was young my mother, my grandma and other elders of the town kept telling us not to go alone to this fountain Cavallina when it was dark, because some people had seen ghostly sights; but if you had to go there not to go alone and go as early as possible after dusk, so even when we were coming back from the fields from that side of town, and we had to go past this fountain we had to be careful as soon as it was dark, if you had to water your horse or donkey or whatever animals you had to water, we tried to water them during the day or early before dusk. We have to say that there were also some other unspeakable activities that went on near this fountain before dusk, but about these activities of dumping human excrement in the old sewer system we are going to tell you later on in another article, because now we are talking about ghostly things at this fountain at night.
To cut a long story short we are going to tell you what happened to me and some of my friends. As you all know young men in their later teen are not easily scared and they start thinking that these ghostly stories are not true at all, so, we wanted to see it ourselves, therefore I and a few friends of mine were going to pay a visit to this fountain Cavallina at night; so, one late evening we went to see this fountain Cavallina and from above as we approached the fountain there was nobody to be seen, so, we said to each other, you see there is nobody here and there are no ghosts around, we really thought that we were going to see something unusual at this fountain, so we were disappointed saying to each other there are no ghosts to be seen.
So we kept going to the fountain when we saw a white rabbit in a corner and soon we gave chase as we wanted to grab this rabbit, not just for fun, but because we wanted to eat the rabbit as meat was expensive those days. There were four of us giving chase to this white rabbit, but the rabbit kept escaping us, but we kept running after it and the rabbit was taking us very close to a ravine which had a drop of over ten meter and any one that would fall down there would instantly end up dead.
Anyhow suddenly one of us said; what rabbit that is not a rabbit? Suddenly we realised that we were not chasing a rabbit at all, but we were chasing a ghost or an evil spirit that was trying to take us over the ravine to kill us if we had followed the rabbit. So, whoever of us suddenly realized that we might be running after a ghost and not a rabbit saved us from a disaster that could have happened.
You see, it is said that ghost or evil spirits that try to deceive you lose their full power when people realise that they are a supernatural apparition, so, in this case we were lucky when we realised that what we were chasing was not a rabbit at all, it was an evil spirit; well at least this is what we were made to believe then from the elders, when we told them our story.
What we have written above was a real life happening, but what I am going to tell you next is only a dream, but you can say that this dream that we are going to tell you belongs also to the twilight zone, just like my life story about chasing the white rabbit belongs to the twilight zone.
Anyhow I believe that this post is becoming too long, so I am going to tell you about my dream in our next post, the fountain twilight dream. See you soon.