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Concerned about us all

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Concerned about us all 
These refugee have been rescued and taken to the port of Catania, where they will be assessed from the medical authorities. You can see the medical authorities dressed in protective gear here just in case there are sick people that carry an infectious disease, these days they have to be very careful.

Concerned about us all 
If we are concerned about what is happening in the world these days, we should really be concerned, because there are a lot of things that are not running the right way; we can hear the politicians talk about many things and getting nowhere in most country of the world, if not all of them. We all believe that we got the right form of government in our own country, and that our government is doing the right things according to our existing rules. But the reality is that there are many rules that although they are right on their own, they become an obstacle when something needs to be done in a different way, because if they are done according to the accepted rules they might create a big problem later on for everybody.
To understand what we are saying is enough to look at the news about what is happening in the world today; there are wars still going on in the world with no end in sight, there are refugees that these wars create, there are also refugees that run from their own countries just because they believe that they would be better off in another country, that seem to be doing better than them from their own point of view. But we believe that all what glitter is not gold, but not only that, these would be refugees don’t seem to understand that they might become a problem to the country they go to; for these reasons the world of today is not very stable and is becoming worse as the time goes on, so we should look at what could be done to improve the situation.
 We have reasons to believe that there are many things that we the people of this world could do to improve the situation, it is all a matter of planning what is the right thing to do in the long run, we are saying here in the long run, because today most things are done on a day to day base, as there are disaccord how to fix things in a more permanent ways. At this very moment while we are wring this article, there is this refugees crises in Europe that really needs to be fixed; but how to go about to do that is hard to say, because here again there are many ways that we could go about to do it. So, let us see first of all this refugee crisis, and then we will comment about it; for the time being we will leave the other concerns behind and we will talk about them in another article. 
Refugees going to Europe
Dear readers, suddenly this new tragedy of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea has prompted us to go back to tell you about them; you see, it is hard to ignore this event, because of the large number of refugee that have died, the report says that 700 to 900 people have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, from Libya to Italy or perhaps we should say from Africa to Europe.
As you may know, we have already written a few things before in other articles about refugees, and so, we have our own opinion about them, therefore we would like to say what we believe is happening, since we are concerned about these tragic events that have happened in the last few days; but at the same time we are also concerned about to outcome that these refugees may have in the long run, for themselves and for the countries that will take them, willingly or perhaps unwillingly, because they put a strain to the economy of that country.
We believe that not only Europe but the entire world has got to do something about this, because the movement of these would be refugees that sometimes they might not be real refugees, but are just people that are not happy with the way of life that they are living in their own native country, they want to move away from it and go to live somewhere else. They want to do this because, they believe that the problem in their own country is not their fault and they deserve a better life anyhow. So they leave their country in search of this better life that they believe could be achieved somewhere else. But they don’t know the dangers that they will encounter during their journey, and also the strain that they put in the countries that takes them, so they create a problem wherever they go, but let us talk about what could be the reasons for this large number of refugees.
The outlook is not that good 

As we have said above, this group of people disembarked at the port of Catania are the lucky few saved, because over 700 people have lost their lives according to what is being said. But that is not all, because when we look at the Italian news, or any European news there are more refugees everywhere, the whole scenario is freighting, there are old boats fool of people everywhere, one starts to wonder whether this refugees are going to invade Europe in any way possible, so one starts to wonder why this is happening now, and also what could be done to stop this unwanted emigration happening. 
In our next post we will be talking about this issue again, see you then: 
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Concerned about us all
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