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About cosmic dreams

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The cosmos must be those things that exist in the entire universe, so even God would be part of the cosmos, so we can dream any dream through the cosmos of the universe.  

Dreams are sometimes very strange and we can attach any meaning about our dreams, but dreams from the cosmos are usually God sent dreams. 

God, angels and cosmic dreams

May God guide and help me to write these religious writings?
Welcome to my article of Cosmic spiritual dreams, where we will be talking about God, angels and cosmic dreams, another chapter in our religious writings of Prayers for Reconciliation, where prayers, dreams and religious beliefs are driving me to write these religious writings.
These religious writings are being written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind. In these writings we are in search of ourselves religiously so to speak. In one of our previous articles we have talked about, dreaming about God, which was really a replacement for, The most important dream of my life. And then in order to give some general explanation about the dreams that we dream, we have written another 2 articles which we called: Menfranco Dreamland Modified 7 and Menfranco Dreamland 8, now, in this article called, Cosmic spiritual dreams we will continue to search about religious and spiritual beliefs and dreams, as this is the main theme also for this chapter.
Now I am repeating this explanation again, because some of you may find these religious writings controversial, so, I need to explain the situation thus:
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs we say, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings and also Reconciliation of the Universe fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that one day because of what we have written here, religions might not be fighting each other anymore, Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might be able to achieve just that.
We know that in the beginning there will be times when these religious writings could sound different from the ways that we usually hear religions being preached, but we say to you don’t you worry about it, as it will all be explained as you read all our religious writings, and then, you can judge for yourself at the end of it.

 Spiritual cosmic dreamland

Menfranco spiritual cosmic dreamland
Now this is, Spiritual cosmic dreamland, and this article will be about our religious dreams.
Now do not get me wrong, but I Menfranco believes in a modern or futuristic religious way, which is a single religion built up from all existing religions. So if sometimes you think that we are saying strange things, it might be that those things are still going to be accepted from the public.
Anyhow hereunder we are publishing some of our spiritual dreams that I have dreamt during my life, I have reasons to believe that these dreams are really saying something to me and therefore I have to do something about them. So, I am writing these dreams here hoping to see whether you agree with me and believe that they have a spiritual meaning as well as I do, since these dreams seem to have reinforced my beliefs that I have to write about religions.
During the time that I was writing Dreamland, I had many deep soul-searching feelings going through my mind, and under below I have written some of those feelings that I had during that time, so let us hope that you the reader don't find it out of place. But anyhow I sometime think that religions may only be a dream that we are willingly dreaming, therefore in these religious writings they are all mixed up, because they are all part of Dreamland and anything can happen in dreamland see, Menfranco Dreamland Modified 7 including also the mystery of life itself, which I am writing part of it here.
And I feel that life is love, and love is life itself,
And one cannot exist without the other.
Therefore if life cannot exist without love,
Then I better love, or I may as well be dead.
Dear readers whoever you may be, I want to tell you about this strange love episode since it has happened to me, during the younger part of my life I have heard many times that people fall in love so deeply, and this deep feeling of love may even change the way they believe and behave; but I did not believe it until one day it happened to me, so, let me tell you about me and how I did fall in love for a woman and how the love for this woman changed me; and the reality is that the love for this woman has really changed me completely. Of course I guess that this must have been my destiny, because now I have reason to believe that through this emotional woman's love (and that's all what it was just love emotions and nothing else) God did set me up in such a way that I had to go back to him and serve him, so I have reasons to believe that God works in mysterious ways. Anyhow,  if you want to know more about this passion of love without any love happenings you better read all my religious writings, that is, whenever I will be able to write them down, and there I will describe to you how God Almighty has driven me back to him through this woman love in his own mysterious ways.
I have also reason to believe that God is love, and God can be described in a parallel way with my love feelings for this woman, since they may be somehow one and the same thing in nature. So, the description of God will go like this:
And I feel that God is life, and life is God Himself.
And therefore, one cannot exist without the other.
So, if we believe in life, we have to believe in God.
And if we don't believe in God, we may as well be dead.
What I have written above is the prologue of the writings below; I have written them to show you what you could find written in this book. In this book I am going to talk about love feelings which usually go through any lovers' mind, and they are not just my own love feelings, because this is how God and Mother Nature combined control us, therefore they are just everybody else feeling as well, anyhow here I have to go back to my own emotional love feelings for this woman, because they have changed me psychologically, not only they have changed me psychologically and now I believe that people can fall in love; but the love for this woman became at one point like religious beliefs, and I did feel within myself this incredible experience, which could seem to most of us impossible to understand, because I felt that deep within my soul that the love for this woman and the love for God runs in a parallel way, and therefore the love for this woman could and would become religious for me and it would represent the love for God, and therefore I believe that God uses the natural forces within us to guide us wherever he wants.
So I can say that God has made me dream the impossible love dream, and now I have to try and reach the unreachable stars, the unreachable stars being these religious writing that this driving within me drives me to do, that is why I am writing these religious writings.
Now let me write some of my dreams.
As I have already written an article about my first spiritual dream called; The most important dream of my life, I am not going to repeat it here because it becomes duplicate content, and therefore in my next post, I am going to write about dream number 2.
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