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Dreams from the other side

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When we dream our dreams, we would like to know where these dreams come from, and I have to say that sometimes they seem to come from the other side, which would be the world of the dead.

Dreams from the other side
For example: Here I want to tell you one of my dreams, that I believe it’s going to show you exactly what I mean. I have dreamed this dream a very long time ago, which is before any other dreams that will follow in my writings. This dream is still kept within my mind because of its special message that it has conveyed to me, and also because it almost has proved to me that there is an Afterlife, and that sometimes one of the spirits of our ancestors can really come to us in our dreams, and give us some sort of messages to help us.
This dream of mine is a bit strange, but then we could say that most dreams are strange, but this one is strange because it seems to be a teaching dream from an ancient spirit, who wants to teach me how to wash dishes in a necessary and special way with just what was available in ancient time, so that the dishes would hygienically clean and not contaminated.
Now let me explain the situation, when I dreamed this dream I was old enough, perhaps in my late forties: but in my dream I was a young lad about twelve, and there was with me this old and wise lady perhaps in her sixties, (This difference in age between me and the old lady would be there in the dream, only to show that I was a newcomer to the world, compared to the old lady that must have been ancient, and that had lived her life long before my time, as she seemed to me very wise.) we were at an ancient and still existing town fountain called La Cavallina, which is a fountain in the town of Genzano, here we have to say that we have already written about this fountain in our writings, in the town where I came from.
     (This is part of the fountain Cavallina, where my dream took place.)

Anyhow, in my dream, while we were at this fountain Cavallina, I had with me half a dozen dishes that I had to wash, and then I had to take them home, which would have been the house of my grandma in the old part of the town; the old lady that I was with was instructing me to wash the dishes only under the first spout of the fountain, which is the most upstream spout, and to keep the dishes only in the small bay under the first spout, because that was the only way to have the dishes hygienically clean. So I sure followed her instructions and washed the dishes how and where she said, but in the end somehow a few of my dishes ended up in the second bay of the fountain, and I was very worried, but the old lady said to me don’t worry: I protested to her and said; but you said to me, that to keep the dishes hygienically clean they must be kept only in the first bay, and now some of my dishes are in the second bay, and they have been contaminated; what can I do? And the old wise lady replayed to me again. Don’t worry just for this time, because when you wake up you’ll know why it is all right just for this time.
The dream ends there, and when I woke up I realized that it was only a dream: Therefore, if the dishes were contaminated it didn’t really matter, just because it was only a dream and it wasn’t real life. But the teaching of how to wash the dishes, in case there was an outbreak of infectious disease was to be learned from this dream.

I believe that the old lady in my dream is the spirit of one of my forbears, and she must have lived during an epidemic of infectious disease, where she had learned that to survive one has to wash dishes and other utensils properly under running spring water only. So in my dream she wanted to pass her knowledge to me.
I suppose that my dream above is enough for me to make me believe about the afterlife. And the dream makes me believe, that it is possible while we sleep to get in touch with our ancestors through the cosmos. But one has to keep in mind, that one has no power to make it happen, and it can and will only happen, if and when it happens. So the whole thing means that we cannot  rely on our dreams because we cannot make them happen; anyhow it seems to me that it is like tuning in the dream world, but at the same time we don’t know how to tune in, we don’t even know where to tune in, we guess it would be the cosmos.
Dreaming and tuning in
Another example: We may dream of something, and when we wake up and start talking to a family member or a friend, they start taking about the same thing that we have dreamed before we start talking about it ourselves. Or perhaps we find that they have dreamed a dream very much like ours. Would it be just a coincidence? Or, is it possible that our minds are able to communicate out thoughts while we are asleep? Even if it is only in a confuse way?
(would or could dreams come from the cosmos of the universe, as there could be all sorts of records floating around and we happen to tune in in some of these existing records?)

These happenings may suggest that, our minds may have a sixth sense about communication without words, but our minds have no control about these communications, and they happen only if they happen; perhaps when two minds by chance tune on the same wave length. But even this is still a chance that could become possible one day, that is that our minds would be able to communicate with each other, and perhaps one day in the far way future we will learn how to communicate this way properly.
This sixth sense that we seem to have, in theory could be able to tune in the cosmos, including the afterlife world which is part of it, therefore through this sixth sense it could become possible for passed-away people to give us coded messages in our dreams. I am saying this since lots of people seems to dream about their deceased relatives and friends and they believe that they give them messages even though they are not sure what these messages may mean.
Here I’d like to say something about what some dream could mean, and what one should be looking for, in one wants to understand one’s own dreams.
When we dream of passed away relatives of friends, are they males or females? Do we feel that they want to convey something to us? Do they seem concerned about us, or they seem normal? Is the dream easy or complex? And many other things we should ask ourselves.
Here I would like to say that most people believe that, to dream about a passed away man is a good omen, but a passed away woman is a warning, and the degree of the dream being easy or complex, is the degree that the dreamer may feel if anything happens similar to the dream.
It would be helpful to remember what sort of dreams one dreams, and the people that are in your dreams, whether they bring you happy tidings or warnings. And then keeping them in one’s mind which people bring happy tidings and which may bring warnings, whether they are alive or dead doesn’t make any difference.
During my life I have had lots of dreams of all shapes and forms, and within these dreams there is a very special dream, and I believe that it really is a very special dream for me.
So, I would like to tell you my dream, because I believe that all our dreams help our mind to restore its balance, and this is one of those dreams that covers just about every need that a person needs in a dream, in order to adjust all one’s own needs of the body, mind and soul. And it is perhaps for this reason that I put so much importance in this dream. And there is also another reason why this dream seems very important to me, it is because it has somehow changed my way of thinking, and perhaps my way of living.
Because in this dream I seem to have been mentally in touch with the cosmos, whether I have really been in touch with the cosmos and God life force of the universe it is not possible to prove, and it could turn out to be only all my mind work. But I like very much to believe that in my dream I got really in touch with the cosmos, and really I did reach the highest active life-force of the universe God.
Now this post is already long, so I am going to write about the most important dream of my life here, in our next post, because it is one of the places that make sense.
And after that there will be more spiritual dreams that we could talk about later, in our chapter, Cosmic spiritual dreams.
May God bless us all?

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