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Explaining cosmic dreams

Dreamland can be many different things like what this photo shows a beautiful place. But in this blog we are really talking about our own personal dreams, which can sometimes include beautiful things and sometimes terrible things, because when we dream anything can happen.

 Explaining cosmic dreams

Here for the first time in our blog I am trying to explain cosmic dreams
Let us leave behind dream type 1 and 2 just for a moment, since we have already talked about them before and they seem to have a lot to do with our body needs; because at this point of time we believe that another sort of explanation is required more urgently, here we are talking about religious dreams or should we say cosmic dreams that seem to come from the other side, or another dimension so to speak, this explanation of dreams is also going to include our hub, Dreamed about God, since there are several religious dreams mentioned in that hub, here we also need to point out about, The most important dream of my life, that unfortunately is no longer in hub pages but it is now in this site pages, click on the link; “The most important dream of my life” or, to check it out, of course there are the Cosmic spiritual dreams, and of course all the other dreams that people dream; anyhow let us try to explain how most of these cosmic or spiritual dreams could be explained.
In order to make sense of the dreams that we dream, we need to put everything together as a whole, and then see how it can work all together, therefore everything has to be in the right place and somehow make sense to our logic human reasoning, for this reason we have come up with this theory:
In order to make sense in the world of dreams, dreams have to be connected in a way that makes it possible for us to dream those dreams and make sense of them, therefore, when dreams are not connected with our body needs as in type 1 dreams, this question arises; why do we dream and where do these dreams come from?
Looking back at history, our forbears believed in the world of dreams and they believed that sometimes the dead would visit us in a dream and give us messages or something like that, in order to warn us of what was going to happen next; okay, what we have described about our forbears beliefs may or may not be right but they believed them anyhow, but at the same time we would like to find a way that includes all the dreams that we dream, so where are the dreams that we dream and why we dream them one may ask?
Let us imagine that there is a place that could store dreams in the form of a record, and dreams could be other people thoughts or speech that have happened in the past or are happening at the same time when we are dreaming, these dreams float around and when we happen to get in touch we them we dream that dream. Now if that is possible the only place that they can be stored would be the cosmos, since the cosmos is believed to be capable of holding all the universe records, and the cosmos is in contact with each and every one of us, of course we need to work out how could it happen? But this may require just a simple explanation to start with, whether this explanation is right or wrong we don’t know yet.
So, let us assume that the cosmos is the way that everything is communicated in the whole wide world, therefore there are all sorts of sounds, words and ideas flouting throughout the cosmos, now when we go to sleep we somehow can tune into this cosmos records, and so, we may dream anything at all including the most strange things. Therefore if there is something in the other side that wants to get in touch with us, they know how to use the cosmos and send messages to us, since God and all the other spiritual things are all part of the cosmos.
Well this is just a way to explain things, whether it is right or not we cannot tell yet, but it is just a possible way how thing are in the world of dreams. Of course there are many other ways to explain the world of dreams, but we are going to stop here for the time being.
May God of the universe master of the cosmos capable of modifying everything according to his will within the cosmos, by using his knowledge and the knowledge that exists in the cosmos; we say may God guide us to write the right things in these dreamland writings?
See you soon in our next post of, Dreamland dreams and beliefs including an outline of sleeping dreams type two and three, which will be found in the hub Dreamland dreams and beliefs. (Cosmic spiritual dreams.)

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Explaining cosmic dreams
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