Thursday, August 16, 2012

The old man views of life

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As we have already said in this blog, this is the story of an old man who wants to tell you how things were when he was young; this old man also wants to tell you the reason why he has written his life story, so, let us read his story, as he has written it for us.
Dear readers, I am going to tell you about, a man life journey, which may as well be my own life journey, which it is. So, let me introduce myself first of all: My assumed Internet name is Menfranco Laws in this personal writings, even though I have to say that this is not my real name, but as we all know not many people can or will use their real name on the internet; I am also known as Frank as my real name is Francesco Menchise and this is my life journey. 
We all know that one of the first questions that we usually ask ourselves is; why are we living on this planet earth and what is life? Many of us believe that life is a journey of the soul; this again brings in another question: What should a man do about his own life journey if he wants to save his soul one may ask?
This question will brings us to ask ourselves in the first place; what is life?
Life on earth can be explained in a few different ways according to what the person concerned believes in; you see if you are an atheist you believe in evolution, if you are a religious believer you believe in creation; this are the two main fields of beliefs and there may very well be more: so, one can go arguing about the origin of life forever, and therefore it is almost impossible to reach a total agreement of its origin, so if you note that my beliefs seem to be different from everybody else, they may indeed be different.

Anyhow, here we are talking about a man life journey, which is my own life journey; so, I am not going to discuss with you about the origin of our existing terrestrial life, because it will be just a waste of time for me, since what I want to talk about here is only about my own life journey, and therefore what counts in these writings are only my own life beliefs, even if some of my readers will not agree with my personal beliefs, as I have already pointed above.
So, I believe that life for me is a gift from the eternal life force of the Living God who is working together with Mother Nature since the very beginning of times: They have worked both together in such a way that life could go on forever on this planet, just like the way they are themselves, as they are eternal. So life keeps going on, even if with the passing of time everything seems to change and even life itself on this earth may change a little or a lot.
The truth about this slowly changing life matter can be seen easily by any keen observer, since one has only to allow oneself enough time to observe these things, in order to see that although life and other things seem to be the same for a very long time in reality they change; therefore, in order to survive life on earth is constantly adapting itself to its environments, and the faster the environment changes the faster life needs to change to adapt itself to it, in order to survive. Therefore in a way Darwin may indeed be right with his theory of evolution.
I have reasons to believe that it is important for us to record these changes, so, this is one of the reasons that I am writing a man life journey. You see, I believe that this continuous life adaptation that is continuously taking place, with time it could and would bring some change to the ways of life and even life itself, so, it is important that we look closely at our present own life and our lives experiences including past experiences when we were younger, and perhaps, we should also look closely at recent past generations, so that, we may understand what has happened and what is happening nowadays, if we do that we may be able to plan ahead, so that, we may be ready and able to cope with any changes which may occur in the near future, and also for future generations.
But, perhaps first of all we need to talk about these changes which are taking place nowadays and I need to convince those people that don’t believe in these life changes, that those life changes are really taking place, so, I invite you to read my own life journey writings, in order to see for yourself what I mean about general changes and my own life changes. As for myself I know it from my own life experience about them, since I need only to look back at the times when I was young and compare them to these present days, in order to convince myself that the style of life and everything else around me have really changed a lot since my younger days, and if I think about what the older generation were telling me when I was young, I say that there is no doubt that there have been great changes.
This is a man life journey and it is obvious from what I have just said above that, we need to adapt ourselves to the present environment as it changes in order to survive. So, this present position will bring us back to the first question. What should a man do about his own life journey? This will bring us to another question. What is the life duty of any man?
But in this case I believe that I have already written a post about, the life duty of any man, so next post will be about, my life struggles.
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